Soul Hackers 2 Guide: Tips About the Story and Managing Demons

Learning how to manage your Demons plays an essential role in Soul Hackers 2 #SoulHackers2 #SEGA #ATLUS

Soul Hackers 2 Tips

Soul Hackers 2 has been released recently and a lot of good reviews have been pushed through for this game. Since this is a whole new game for most JRPG players, new game features and more have been teased this past of couple weeks on the Atlus Youtube Channel, we, of Sirus Gaming, have compiled a guide on how to play the game and what to do in Soul Hackers 2.

Story Summary of Soul Hackers 2

Story Summary

“The story takes place in the middle of the 21st century, a little further into the future.

The Devil summoners who live in a society of darkness are following the supernatural power of the devil. They acted secretly, protecting and supporting society from behind the scenes.

And another existence Aion watching over the world. Born from the farthest reaches of technology, their existence surpasses human knowledge and senses the destruction of the world at some point. Aion’s Ringo and Figue descend into the human world to avoid destruction.

He went to protect the two people he needed to avoid destruction, but both were already killed. Ringo executes Aion’s special ability “Soul Hack” and revives the target.

Given a second chance, Ringo and Figue pursue a mystery that puts the future of the world at stake, joining hands with the Devil Summoners who have been revived from their regrets over their deaths.

Is it possible to avoid the end of the world?”

Soul Hackers 2 Total Hours of Completion

Total Hours of Playing The Game

After playing the game for quite some time, the total number of hours to finish Soul Hackers 2 ranges around 25 to 30 hours. This varies depending if you manage to complete not only the main story missions but also the side quests and optional dungeon crawls.

Soul Hackers 2 Soul Level

Soul Level

Soul Level plays an important role in Soul Hackers 2 as it will help in improving one’s Soul Matrix. The higher the Soul Level of a party member is, the greater the rewards such as unlocking new skills, new side quests, and bonus stories.

In the game as the main story progresses, there will be times when you will need to interact with multiple characters. From there, picking a certain choice in the game will increase the selected ally’s Soul Level. Not only that, but in Hangouts, you can invite characters and chat with them. Doing so can increase their Soul level easily.

In a New Game Plus mode, your Soul Link is now 20 at the start instead of 20 and increases faster than before.

Soul Matrix

Soul Matrix is a physical manifestation of the souls that Ringo has connected to and has been brought to life via Aion. Each person that Ringo has Soul Hacked will have a doorway, and exploring these will lead you to encounters with Demons, mini-bosses, and more. Completing each floor will allow you to learn more about a character’s backstory as well as unlock added abilities.

Guide On Using Demons

Demons are beings of paranormal power that lurk in the dark abyss. They have taken form through the use of spiritually-attuned material mediums. They are used not only for combat but for certain exploration features that no one has expected to see in the world of Soul Hackers

Demon Recon

When setting foot into a dungeon, your demons will perform Demon Recon. Your scout demons can be found around the map and they might do the following:

  • Introduce new Demons to your party
  • Hand Over Items
  • Heal your Party
  • Give out Money

There are times that the demons will make discoveries that either is connected to the story or requests. Finding and talking to them is a top prior if one wants to get stronger in the game.

Soul Hackers 2 is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via Steam) worldwide. The game comes in both Physical and Digital Editions. Each with its own bonuses. 

Not only that, the game has a special 25th-anniversary set that includes the game, a music album that has over 30 songs, a 25th-Anniversary book, DLC costumes, BGMs, accessories, and a figurine of AI Ho-Kun, and also Persona 5 costumes as well.

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