Starfield No Sudden Moves Walkthrough

Starfield No Sudden Moves walkthrough cover

No Sudden Moves is the 10th main story quest in Starfield that sends the players on a heist. There are a few ways to handle this quest depending on your playstyle, but it can be tough to go in unprepared. Use this guide and learn how to complete No Sudden Moves in Starfield step-by-step.

Starfield No Sudden Moves Part 1 – Talk to Vladimir

The first thing you need to do is talk to Vladimir. He’ll tell you about Captain Petrov, who managed to acquire one of the artifacts you’re searching for. Petrov isn’t willing to trade it, so Vladimir asks you to steal it from him.

Before you go, Petrov will ask you to take a companion with you. It’s better to have Sam Coe for this quest, as he can bluff his way through the Scow. Companions like Barrett turn out to be banned from getting in. If you have high Persuasion, you can get in by convincing them you’re here on business with Petrov.

You should also stock up on ammo and supplies because there’s potential for tough fights. If you can’t bluff past the guards, you’ll have to muscle your way in. You should also save your progress before heading to the Scow.

Starfield No Sudden Moves Part 2 – Board the Scow

The Scow is a big ship with some tough defenses. Unless you’ve been grinding better ship options, your best bet inside is by persuading the crew to let you on board. If you attack the Scow, this will ensue a space battle where you’ll be at a disadvantage unless you have something to destroy the ship engines to dock their ship.

Board the Scow - Starfield No Sudden Moves

Here’s how you can convince The Scow to let you dock peacefully:

  • [Persuade] I have business with Petrov. It’s important.
  • We’re just here to trade. Nothing else.

Once you’re docked in the Scow, you’ll be confronted by Tao Xun. Ask him about the rock Captain Petrov is holding and Tao will tell you that it isn’t for sale. However he also directs you to Petrov so you can talk with the man directly. Make your way past the crew of guns-for-hire until you reach where Petrov is.

Be careful if you decide to steal anything in the Scow. If you get caught, you’ll have the whole ship trying to kill you. They’ll be hostile anyway if you attacked their ship before forcing an entry earlier. For now, you should prioritize finding Petrov.

Starfield No Sudden Moves Part 3 – Deal With Petrov

Captain Petrov - Starfield No Sudden Moves

Once you arrive at where Petrov is sitting, he’ll greet you. You’ll have several options here, including immediately choosing to attack. However, he’s surrounded by several guards, so we don’t recommend it. Instead, flatter him by claiming to be a fan of his or ask him to take a peek at his latest curio. Here are the dialogue options you should select:

  • I’m here about the Artifact in your collection
  • [Persuade] Just a small peek at your collection is all I need

Whatever you do, you shouldn’t pick to attack him unless you want a bounty on your head and are really prepared to fight. If you tell him you’re a fan, Petrov is happy at the prospect of having a fan but you’ll still have to convince him to show you the Artifact Phi in his collection. He’ll bit a little concerned for security reasons but encourage him to show off and telling him his collection isn’t as impressive as he claims it is. Petrov will tell you to follow him.

Petrov will lead you further down the Scow while talking about his exploits. Just follow him around until he unlocks all the doors for you and shows you the Artifact. No matter what dialogue option you pick he isn’t going to hand it over. You can choose to attack Petrov first or steal the Artifact Phi and he’ll attack you. Here’s what happen in each option:

  • Attack Petrov First: He’ll go down after a few hits and regain consciousness shortly, surrendering and begging for his life. You can take the Artifact Phi and everything on the Scow without any trouble from his crew.
  • Steal the Artifact First: Petrov will call for his guards but once you defeat him you can order him to get them to stand down. He’ll offer everything in the Scow for his life.
Deal with Petrov - Starfield No Sudden Moves

After a few hits, Petrov will surrender and beg you to spare him. The better option is to show some mercy and then talk to him about telling his screw to stand out as this will allow you to loot the Scow without being attacked by his guards. Once you’ve taken the Artifact Phi, you’re free to leave the Scow and be on your way.

Regardless of whether you’ve chosen to kill Petrov or spare him you will get a bounty on your head. It’s better to spare him and tell him to have his screw stand out. Fighting his crew is extremely difficult with the firepower they hold and even if you manage you’ll have one big bounty on your head.

Starfield No Sudden Moves Part 4 – Leave the Scow

You can now leave the Scow anytime you want. But before you leave, you could loot the Scow first before continuing your way. There’s a lot of interesting items you could take for yourself and even some easter eggs if you’re willing to explore.

The Scow can be a maze but all you have to do is follow the marker back to your ship. Once you’ve taken everything you want and are ready to depart, you can leave.

Starfield No Sudden Moves Part 5 – Add Artifact to Your Collection

Now you have to add the Artifact to your collection by going to The Lodge. The problem is that you probably gained a bounty from attacking Petrov. You can either find a way to clear your bounty first before landing or land on Jemison anyway where you’ll be recruited as an undercover agent for the UC Vanguard one of the many Starfield factions.

Add Artifact to Your Collection - Starfield No Sudden Moves

Once on your Jemison, go back to The Lodge. Interact with your Artifact collection to add Artifact Phi to it. This will finish the No Sudden Moves mission.