Steelrising Best Dancer Build

Steelrising Best Dancer Build featured

Players looking for the Steelrising best Dancer build have come to the right place. While the dancer isn’t as tough as its counterparts, it’s one of the hardest hitting classes in the game with high agility and crit rate. This guide will teach you the best dancer build in Steelrising.

Steelrising Best Dancer Build

Here is the best dancer build for Steelrising:

Best Dancer Weapon

  • Thousand-cut Claws
  • Charybdis Fans
  • Immobilization Grenades

Best Dancer Modules

  • Grade II Respite Module
  • Grade III Endurance Module
  • Grade III Destruction Module
  • Grade III Critical Damage Module

Best Dancer Attributes

  • Agility
  • Vigour
  • Durability
Best Steelrising Dancer Weapon

This Steelrising best Dancer build relies on hitting fast and hard when an enemy presents any kind of opening. If not, you can create those opportunities yourself so you can land critical hits that drains bosses’ health in seconds. It will still take a lot of skill since the Dancer class is one of the most technical classes in the game.

Best Steelrising Dancer Weapon

The best weapon for the Dancer class is the Thousand-cut Claws as it can do serious damage in a blink of an eye. This is hands down the best weapon for the Dancer class with high potential damage output. The way to get this weapon is by progressing through the “Nicolas Flamel’s final journey” side quest that you get from Abbé Grégoir who resides in the church. Once you search the workshop, you’ll find the chest that gives you this weapon.

We highly suggest equipping Immobilization Grenades with this weapon as a single special can down an enemy who has been affected by the grenade to quickly immobilize them. This gives you a window to deal quick damage with your primary weapon to kill any enemy for good.

For a secondary weapon, the Charybdis Fans aren’t a bad pick. They’re a decent weapon for the Dancer class though not as good as the Thousand-cut Claws above.

Best Steelrising Dancer Modules

Modules give a great boost to this build but we do recommend prioritizing damage output. Since Dancer really have a high chance for crit attacks, increasing its damage with the Grade III Critical Damage Module is a good pick. The Grade III Destruction Module is also a good pick for increasing your basic attacks.

The Endurance and Respite modules are great pairs together. Since respite restores your endurance every time you immobilize an enemy with Immobilization Grenades, it makes for surviving.

Best Steelrising Dancer Attributes

Agility is going to be a no brainer for the Dancer class. So it’s best to invest all your points there. However don’t ignore the Vigour attribute occasionally. Any spares can be invested into Durability for longer survivability when fighting.

Steelrising Best Dancer Build

That’s the Steelrising Best Dancer Build Guide. We hope you found this article to be informative. We have more Steelrising content to check out.

Check out this Youtube video from LaserBolt to get an idea of where to get the Thousand-cut Claws.

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