Steelrising Guide: How to beat The Royale Orpheus

Steelrising Guide for How To Defeat The Royal Orpheus is here

Steelrising Guide: How To Defeat The Royal Orpheus

Giant mechanical enemies are one of the most unexpected enemies that players will face in Steelrising. Every boss battle in the game will have these types of enemies and among them is the mechanical Titan known as the Royale Orpheus. In this guide, we, of Sirus Gaming, will give pointers and tips on how to defeat him as well as what to use against such a mad titan.

Who is The Royale Orpheus in Steelrising?

The Royale Orpheus is actually among the bosses found in the game the easiest to defeat. Though it’s the easiest to defeat, it is actually tricky to defeat him as this boss has heavy armor making explosive-based attacks or electrical-based weapons to work on it. At times, it will perform jump-based attacks and can unleash lots of damage against it.

When its health is low, it will start moving in an ecstatic way that it will randomly shoot beams out of its mouth. It will also create an electrical field to prevent players from approaching it. As a caution, try avoiding as much as possible its electric attacks or else, a huge amount of damage and a chance of stun will occur.

How to defeat The Royale Orpheus in Steelrising

Defeating will be easy as players must telegraph their moves and essentially find the right timing to hit the titan. As stated, avoid using explosive-based attacks or electrical-based weapons. Use either blazing weapons or freeze trait weapons to make use of their long-term damage.

Steelrising Guide: How To Defeat The Royal Orpheus

Equip range-type weapons such as tonfas and chains to easily cover the distance. With all these setups, taking down the Royale Orpheus will be as easy as pie.

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