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Get to know The Callisto Protocol protagonist.

Jacob Lee is the main protagonist of The Callisto Protocol. An unfortunate soul who is trapped in the Black Iron prison colony of Jupiter’s second largest moon, he has to find a way to survive the horrors that lie in wait for him. But who exactly is Jacob Lee and what is his role in the game?

Beware of spoilers below this point!

Who is Jacob Lee in The Callisto Protocol?

Jacob Lee is a cargo ship pilot delivering mysterious cargo for the United Juniper Company. He was assigned to deliver cargo to Callisto until a group of armed militia hijacked his ship causing it to crash on Jupiter’s dead moon. It was there he became an inmate for Black Iron Prison.

Jacob is rather abrasive, not caring what he transfers so long as it makes him money. He doesn’t question the kind of cargo United Jupiter Company is asking him to deliver so long as they pay. He brushes off his co-pilot’s concerns regarding the suspicious nature of their work despite having no idea himself what exactly he’s delivering.

The Callisto Protocol Jacob Lee profile

Jacob was born on June 26, 2278 in the Varennai Administrative Zone of Earth. He’s a registered cargo freighter ship pilot that has clearance to move between Europa and Callisto, the two largest moons of Jupiter. His records with the United Jupiter Company indicates he has no family members.

Standing at 6’3 and 210 pounds, Jacob Lee is not a slouch in combat. He’s able to make heavy swings in combat that can stagger enemies. Yet despite his large frame, he’s fast enough to periodically dodge attacks that could be fatal to him.

How Did Jacob Lee Become an Inmate?

Jacob Lee was forced to become an inmate to cover up his involvement regarding the mysterious cargo he was delivering.

After crash landing unto the cold surface of Callisto, Jacob is rescued by Captain Leon Ferris who digs him out of his crashed ship. Unfortunately, his co-pilot, Max Barrow, dies in the crash and he’s left as the only survivor with one of the people who attacked him. In a cruel twist, Captain Ferris receives orders to arrest Jacob who takes him into Black Iron Prison as Inmate 532-521.

The Callisto Protocol Jacob Lee Inmate CORE

Jacob Lee gets dragged into the medical bay where he is implanted with a CORE by Dr. Caitlyn Mahler that tracks his health and allows for long ranged communication. Unfortunately due to the seemingly painful process of doing so, Jacob dies on the operating machine and has to be revived. When he wakes up, he’s already in one of the prison cells.

It doesn’t take long until the biophage starts to break out in the Black Iron Prison and Jacob is forced to survive against mutated horrors.

What Is Jacob’s Role in The Callisto Protocol?

It turns out that the mysterious cargo Jacob Lee has been transporting is actually an alien larvae that can cause humans to rapidly evolve which mutates them into hostile infected. He is actually partly responsible for the biophage outbreak in Europa where he delivered the larvae which the UJC covered as a terrorist attack.

Jacob only learns this revelation after being synced with Dani Nakamura’s CORE. This forces him to relive the events that happened at Europa through Dani’s shoes.

Who Voices Jacob in The Callisto Protocol?

Jacob is voiced by Josh Duhamel who also provides for his motion capture and character model. Josh Duhamel is an American actor has previously starred in multiple movies as well as provided his voice for several fictional works. Most notably he was the voice behind Sgt. William Pierson in Call of Duty WWII.

Is Jacob Lee Connected to Isaac Clarke?

Jacob Lee is not connected to Isaac Clarke of Dead Space in any way. However the name Jacob may be a reference to the son of Isaac from the Bible. Unlike Isaac, Jacob is not an engineer nor has the same capabilities of jury rigging weapons. Instead he has to rely on his combat abilities to survive the events of the biophage outbreak in Black Iron Prison.

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