How to Increase Campus Level and Earn Course Points in Two Point Campus

A guide about Campus Levels and Course Points in Two Point Campus.

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Course Points are a special kind of currency that is only used for upgrading the courses being offered in a campus, hence it is a very important thing to earn as soon as possible. The main way of how to obtain them is by improving the campus and raising the Campus Level, which can get a bit confusing to raise for the uninitiated.

In this guide, we will talk about how to raise Campus Levels, as well as how to spend the Course Points.

How to increase Campus Level in Two Point Campus

Increasing the Campus Level is as straightforward as improving your campus and its amenities. But as with any other leveling mechanic, there is an efficient way to do it.

Add some variety in with the furniture, decor, or equipment of the room.

Depending on the kind of room that you are furnishing, you would want to add some other stuff than just the basics. For example, in a Science Lab, you’ll need a Science Hub and a Science (and a door) to make it a fully-operational Science Lab. But you don’t just stop there.

Adding other stuff that you either unlock through progression or purchase from the marketplace will increase the Room’s Prestige score and will raise its level, which contributes to the overall Campus Level. This even works for the general and un-themed furniture and items, so do not ignore those Leafy Plants and Windows as they can give you just the boost that your room needs.

On the other hand, keep the variety and don’t get crazy with just spamming the room with the same item. Additional similar items placed in the same room will have diminishing returns when it comes to Room Prestige. So instead of having two Leafy Plants, why not switch one for a Bin? They take the same amount of space, but you’ll get a greater return on the Room Prestige.

Make the room size slightly bigger than the minimum.

Increasing the room size will allow you to place more items within a room, so it can gain more Room Prestige. The way that you place the items is completely up to your style; you can either play Tetris and try to fit in as many items as you can, or you can keep some spots clear to give your students and faculty some room to roam.

On the other hand, you do not want to just go for a room expansion every time, since you will hit its diminishing returns on Campus Level progression as explained in the first pointer, especially if you do not have that much variety with your items. Which is why we go to the third pointer…

Have several of the same room rather than having one big room.

When constructing a room, it’s better to make a couple rooms of the same kind as this goes around the diminishing returns on Room Prestige. For example, two 5x5 VR Labs will be able to contain the same amount of items (more or less) compared to a single 10x5 VR Lab. However, you’ll get more Room Prestige with the two rooms as compared to the bigger “combined” room.

With the previous two pointers in mind, you will have to find the right balance between your item variety and campus space to determine the size of the room that you have to make, since there are items that are bulky and take up a wide space which may benefit from being placed in a spacious room.

Hire more personnel.

Your campus personnel also contribute to the overall Campus Level.. The more personnel the you have, from the teachers, assistants, and the janitors, the higher your Campus Score will be as this is still considered as expanding and improving your campus.

The caveat to this is the number of personnel that your campus can support is based on your monthly income; you do not want to hire too many than what you need, or else the campus will be in the red.

Keep your students happy and satisfied.

Having a large student population is also a sign of a successful campus, but it is just part of the equation. You will have to make sure the campus’ amenities and quality of teaching will also be able to keep up with the increasing number of students, so that they will decide to stay until they graduate.

If the students feel miserable or if they feel like they’re not learning at all, they might decide not to enroll for the next semester anymore, or they might even get expelled for having bad grades.

The Course Management menu can be found on the lower left corner

How to earn and use Course Points in Two Point Campus

Course Points are earned whenever your campus gains a level. These course points can be used to level up the courses that your campus offers, making them better overall by increasing the number of student applicants to choose from, increasing the number of students a classroom can take, and raising the maximum qualification level for the students.

To use Course Points, you can go to Course Management > Course Management and from here, you can check the amount of Course Points you have earned so far and you can choose to allocate them to a course of your choice. Every raised course level will also increase the number of required Course Points for the next level. This can be done any time during the school year.

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