V Rising Vampire Power Guide – All Vampire Powers

V Rising allows you to take on many forms using your vampire powers. What are these powers and how do you gain them?

In V Rising Vampire Powers aren’t necessarily combat abilities but they allow you to interact with the world in a variety of ways. This can something simple like turning into a human to trade with merchants or turning into a wolf to get around faster. Some powers are earned in the beginning, however some V Rising Vampire Powers have to be earned through specific requirements. Here’s our guide that will list all vampire powers in V Rising and how to get them.

There are 10 V Rising Vampire Powers in total you can use in the game.

  • Bat Form
  • Bear Form
  • Blood Hunger
  • Blood Mend
  • Dominating Presence
  • Expose Vein
  • Human Form
  • Rat Form
  • Toad Form
  • Wolf Form

Vampire Powers in V Rising have key difference from your combat skills and abilities. Vampire Powers, unlike abilities, have no cooldown period. And they’re generally not really used for combat. Vampire Powers allow you to have a varied interaction with the world. Read our V Rising Skills – All Ability Types Explained if you want a list of more combat oriented abilities in V Rising.

You can only set 8 Vampire Powers at any given time even though there are 10 in total. You can setup your Vampire Powers by pressing J which will get you to the Abilities menu. Hold the Left Ctrl key to access the radial menu to access your Vampire Powers and select which ones you want to use. Some abilities can be toggled on and off like the Dominating Presence using the Ctrl key as well.

V Rising Vampire Power

We’ll detail what each of the Vampire Abilities do and how to get them so don’t go just yet!

Bat Form

Transforming into your Bat Form allows you to traverse areas you normally wouldn’t be able to. As a bat, you can fly over land and hills allowing you to get around faster. However you cannot carry any resources while in this form making it somewhat limiting for farming material.

How to Get Bat Form: Feed on Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer.

Bear Form

Transforming into your Bear Form gets you some increased resistances. While a bear isn’t the fastest way to get around with only a 15% movement speed increase, they do reduce damage by 25% and increase resistances by 25. As a bear, you also regenerate health out of combat and can carry resources. It’s really useful when traversing into holy areas and carrying vampire hazards like Silver.

How to Get Bear Form: Feed on the Ferocious Bear.

Blood Hunger

Using Blood Hunger will show enemy blood types and quality above their heads. You can normally already do this without Blood Hunger so it’s really just a more convenient way to get information.

How to Get Blood Hunger: Feed on Tristan the Vampire Hunter.

Blood Mend

Using Blood Mend consumes 0.2 blood from your blood pool to restore 4% of your max health. A reliable way to heal early in the game but it won’t restore you to full health. You’re better off relying on healing items once you’re properly setup.

How to Get Blood Mend: Obtained during the tutorial.

Dominating Presence

Using Dominating Presence will let you Charm enemies at the cost of removing any spell use while it’s active. You can then use Vampire Kiss after to get humans who are below 30% health to follow you to your castle to use. This is how you can make thralls.

How to Get Dominating Presence: Obtained during the tutorial.

Expose Vein

Using Expose Vein allows you to share your blood type and half of your blood pool to a fellow vampire. Great for giving ally vampires a blood type of high quality although you should keep an eye on your health pool.

How to Get Expose Vein: Obtain during the tutorial.

Human Form

Using Human Form will allow you to transform into a human and not be attacked while in town. Only really useful for trading with merchants. Note that you still take damage from the sun and interacting with chests turns your Human form off.

How to Get Human Form: Feed on Beatrice the Tailor.

Rat Form

Using Rat Form allows you to stealth around. As a rat, you’re harder to detect to both enemy NPCs and enemy players. You can use your Rat Form to sneak through gaps in enemy bases. Note that you will be seen if you’re close enough so keep your distance.

How to Get Rat Form: Feed on Putrid Rat.

Toad Form

Using Toad Form lets you jump a good distance allowing you to traverse through small hills. Not a very useful Vampire Power compared to the Bat Form and can be underwhelming at the moment.

How to Get Toad Form: Feed on The Duke of Balaton.

Wolf Form

Using Wolf Form increase your movement speed by 45% allowing you to travel fast. This form is pretty useful if you haven’t found a horse yet and is pretty easy to get since the Alpha Wolf is one of the easiest bosses in V Rising.

How to Get Wolf Form: Feed on Alpha Wolf

V Rising Vampire Power
How to Use V Rising Vampire Powers

Each Vampire Power in V Rising can be obtained differently from the rest. Some are handed to you at the tutorial in the beginning of the game while some require a bit of work to get. They all have their own unique individual uses.

The bosses listed above can be found in some of our guides. Check out All V Rising Dunley Farmlands Bosses – How to beat for Beatrice the Tailor. Our All V Blood Boss Locations in V Rising will teach you where to find the Alpha Wolf and Ferocious Bear in order to get their subsequent V Rising Vampire Powers.

These V Rising Vampire Powers aren’t the only things you need to be aware of. Other factors such as equipment types can really help you thrive in the game. We have a V Rising Weapons – All Weapons and How to Use Them guide so you can get ahead of the curve. We also have other V Rising content you may be interested in.

Check out this Youtube video from RaZzi showcasing every form you can get in V Rising.

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