V Rising Weapons – All Weapons and How to Use Them

Every weapon in V Rising, Weapon Skills and Techniques.

Vampires are just as proficient in weapons as humans are. In V Rising weapons can be used combat both humans, monsters, and other vampires. If you want to be the strongest vampire in the game, you better start getting familiar with all the weapons you can kill your enemies with.

There are 7 weapon types you can wield in V Rising:

  • Swords
  • Spears
  • Axes
  • Reapers
  • Maces
  • Slashers
  • Crossbows

Like every equipment, weapons can degrade if not repaired. They will also disappear upon death. Keep an eye on the durability stat of your weapon to ensure you can repair it with the right materials.

All V Rising weapons come with their own basic attacks which does a 3-hit combo with the exception of Crossbows. Each weapon have their own two techniques exclusive to their weapon type, but you need the weapon to be made of a certain material before you can get access to these techniques.

Using Weapon Techniques in V Rising

Technique 1 is generally made for dealing damage, but you need your weapon to be at least made of copper or higher to gain access to this technique. Technique 2 is more suitable for crowd control but you need your weapon to be silver or higher to use it.

After you’ve used a weapon technique, it will enter a cooldown period. Even if you switch to a different weapon type, the cooldown will persist between the two. This means that you cannot negate the cooldown period by switching weapons.

How to Use Weapons in V Rising - V Rising Weapons
How to Use Weapons in V Rising?

Each of the V Rising weapons has several techniques and combos that deal different damages. Below are all the V Rising Weapons, weapon skills, and how each weapon works.


You can fight with your hands. However they do not do much damage nor do they have access to any techniques so they’re not considered a weapon type. Your hands can’t be made of silver material after all. Your unarmed combat is useful for fighting lower level enemies that you want to feed upon without accidentally killing them from too much damage.


Sword in medieval times were a symbol of status, in V Rising they’re an absolute threat in your hands. Swords are quick and provide a technique that let you fight from a distance.

  • Normal Attack: does a three-hit combo of 35%/35%/40% physical damage
  • Technique 1: Whirlwind
    • Does a circular motion with the sword dealing physical 35% AoE damage for 1.1 seconds
  • Technique 2: Shockwave
    • Throws a projectile which deals 70% physical damage after a short animation
    • Enemies hit will be launched into the air (doesn’t work against bosses)
    • Use twice to teleport to the enemy hit by the projectile and do a three-hit combo of 25% physical damage each


Spears give a good range for physical damage allowing you to keep a safe distance from enemies while poking at them. Good for players who want more distance while still fighting close ranged.

  • Normal Attack: does a three-hit combo of 40%/40%/50% physical damage
  • Technique 1: A Thousand Spears
    • Thrusts the spear 8 times in front of you dealing 30% physical damage upon each hit
    • Use again to end the thrusts early and do a 50% physical damage that knocks enemies back
  • Technique 2: Harpoon
    • Throws the spear in front of you dealing 70% physical damage to anyone you hit and pulls them close


Axes are slow but they hit hard and can give you bonuses while debuffing enemies. Good for players who want to be berserkers but it can often rely a bit too much on techniques before it gets good.

  • Normal Attack: does a three-hit combo of 45%/45%/50% physical damage
  • Technique 1: Frenzy
    • Will dash forward and hit a single enemy dealing 100% physical damage
    • Attack speed will increase by 30% for 0.8 seconds after hit
  • Technique 2: X-Strike
    • Launches 2 axes in opposing arcs, dealing 85% physical damage per axe
    • Enemies hit in the area where the axes meet will be incapacitated for 2 seconds
    • Axes will return after intersecting giving another 85% physical damage per hit


Reapers are good for AoE damage and crowd control.

  • Normal Attack: does a three-hit combo of 50%/50%/55% physical damage
  • Technique 1: Tendon Swing
    • Swings around dealing 125% physical AoE damage
    • Pushes enemies back and snares them
  • Technique 2: Howling Reaper
    • Launches a spinning projectile in a single direction dealing 25% physical AoE damage every 0.25 seconds for 2 seconds to those caught inside
    • Slows enemies caught when projectile is being launched


Maces hit hard but are the slowest weapon type in V Rising.

  • Normal Attack: does a three-hit combo of 50%/50%/60% physical damage
  • Technique 1: Crushing Blow
    • Jumps then slams down dealing 110% physical damage in a small location
    • Enemies snared for 2 seconds
  • Technique 2: Smack
    • Swing in a cone shape area dealing 50% physical AoE damage
    • Enemies knocked back and incapacitated for 1.2 seconds


Slashers are the weakest weapons in terms of dealing damage but they are incredibly fast.

  • Normal Attack: does a three-hit combo of 27.5%/27.5%/35% physical damage
  • Technique 1: Elusive Strike
    • Does a dash forward then returns quickly to the same position dealing 60% physical damage to enemies
    • Ensnares for 2 seconds
  • Technique 2: Camouflage
    • Turns invisible
    • Increases movement speed for 3 seconds
    • Normal attacks do 80% more damage when in Camouflage
    • Camouflage ends if any attack is used


Crossbows are difficult to master due to having a long casting time and anticipating movement for the travel time of your bolts. They do deal a lot of damage if you can accurate place your shots.

  • Normal Attack: ranged attack that fires a bolt dealing 125% physical damage upon hit
  • Technique 1: Rain of Bolts
    • 5 bolts are fired to target location of your choice, each dealing 50% physical damage
    • Ensnares upon hit for 1.5 seconds
  • Technique 2: Snapshot
    • Fires a bolt dealing 75% physical damage
    • Interrupts casts
    • Ensnares upon hit for 2 seconds
V Rising Weapons
Best V Rising Weapons

The best V Rising Weapon is undoubtedly the Sword. With its high damage-per-second and powerful Shockwave attack which may be used to avoid enemy attacks, the Sword is our top pick.

However, depending on the player’s preference, faster weapons, such as the Reaper and Slasher, can cause more damage every hit, but they aren’t as effective as the slower weapons such as the Spear and the Axe. In spite of its lack of mobility, the Spear is unmatched in its ability to annihilate single targets.

If you are a player who prefers long-ranged weapons, aside from its usefulness for long-distance shooting, the Crossbow’s other attributes aren’t enough to offer it the greatest shot at competing with the other weapon kinds.

While strategic players might prefer the Slasher because of its camouflage function for stealth, unfortunately it can’t compete with other melee weapons in terms of damage output.

That’s all for our guide in V Rising Weapons. We hope you learned more about the fine art of combat and understand that, like us, vampires are just as violent and not at all too different. If you wish to understand more about how vampires work, we have few more guides you may be interested in.

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