Valkyrie Elysium Einherjar List & Voice Actors

All the Heroic Spirits Are here to Assist Maria

Einherjar - Valkyrie Elysium

The Valkyrie Elysium Einherjar are a group recruitable characters that will assist Maria in her quest to complete her mission as a Valkyrie.

You’ll spend the entirety of the game’s campaign battling alongside your character and honing her skills. On the other hand, there are also summoned souls called the Einherjar that provide their own unique skills and abilities to make it even more intense.

As such, we’ve prepared a complete guide on all the recruitable Einherjar in Valkyrie Elysium, along with their specific skillsets so you can figure out what’s best for your playstyle.

All Recruitable Valkyrie Elysium Einherjar List

Whenever players collect items or blue souls drop by enemies or smash breakable objects, the soul gauge, a feature in the game where players can summon an Einherjar, will fill up. Each Einherjar has its elemental specialty and can help boost Maria’s attacks and even, extend her combo attacks as well.

Currently, Valkyrie Elysium offers the following Einherjar summons:

  • Eygon
  • Cypher
  • Kristoffer
  • Taika
Eygon - All Recruitable Valkyrie Elysium Einherjar List


A former knight who died in the line of duty while serving his country. He is proficient in wielding a large sword and is really agile in his footwork. When summoned, Maria’s weapons will be imbued with lightning base attacks and her agility will increase.

  • Element: Lightning
  • How to Unlock: Clear Chapter 2
  • Voice Actors: Tetsu Inada (Japanese) | Stewart Clarke (English)
Cypher - All Recruitable Valkyrie Elysium Einherjar List


A former slave trader and a proficient archer who has total mastery of both long-ranged and dual melee attacks. When summoned, Maria will gain ice properties that will combine with her weapons temporarily, and her attack range will increase.

  • Element: Ice
  • How to Unlock: Clear Chapter 3
  • Voice Actors: Akira Ishida (Japanese) | Angus Imrie (English)
Kristoffer - All Recruitable Valkyrie Elysium Einherjar List


She was once the princess of the South of Lucarda and died in the line of duty in defending her kingdom. She specializes in spear combat and grants Maria a Super Armor that buffs her defense and immune her weapons with Holy properties.

  • Element: Holy
  • How to Unlock: Clear Chapter 5
  • Voice Actors: Maaya Uchida (Japanese) | Cassie Bradley (English)
Taika - All Recruitable Valkyrie Elysium Einherjar List


A guardian who was persecuted by the nobility of her motherland for wielding powers stronger than any Guardian that came before her. She was unjustly executed and resulting in her powers going berserk and destroying the kingdom. When summoned, Maria’s normal attack will combine with fire spirits that will leave a trail of blaze plus her combo hits will increase further.

  • Element: Fire
  • How to Unlock: Clear Chapter 6
  • Voice Actors: Saori Hayami (Japanese) | Safiyya Ingar (English)

All Unlockable Einherjar Trophies and Achievements

The Valkyrie Elysium Einherjar feature also has achievements and trophies that will require players to not only master their chosen partner but also unlock their memories and do their subquests. The unlockable trophies are as follows:

  • Commanding Master – Learned every Einherjar attack and their normal attacks
  • Fellowship of Souls – Unlocked all Einherjar memories.
  • Affinity of a Soul – Unlocked an Einherjar memory

Valkyrie Elysium is out on PS4 and PS5. The PC via Steam gets the game on November 11, 2022. The demo is currently out for US, UK, Southeast Asia, and Japan accounts.

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