Vampire The Masquerade Swansong – The Right Dose of Trajax

A guide on how to find the right doe and free the vessel in Vampire: The Masquerade Swansong.

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There’s a task in Vampire: The Masquerade Swansong that requires Leysha to give medication called Trajax to an uncooperative vessel inside the Red Salon. This has to be done quick as the kine need to be evacuated soon before the Second Inquisition raids the place, and the salon is not just going to leave one of their valuable vessels behind.

In this guide, we will talk about how to find the right medication for the vessel.

What is Trajax?

According to the Red Salon’s manager, Betty, Trajax is a concoction invented by Dr. Dunham that is given to the vessels to improve the taste of their blood. The catch is that it’s not a one-type kind of medication as the right type of Trajax has to be administered for a specific blood type, or else they may die.

How to find the Right Dose of Trajax for the vessel

The level starts off with Leysha entering the Red Salon. Everyone in the salon is on high tension as they are trying to evacuate everyone, including their vessels, upon getting the Code Red. Leysha will find that their evacuation is put on hold becuase a very valuable vessel has locked herself up and has become very uncooperative.

Talk to Betty in the rotunda

Look for the salon’s manager, Betty, in the rotunda which is at the other end of the bar. She will give Leysha the lowdown about their situation with the vessel and asks for Leysha’s help. She’ll then tell that there’s a staff access key that Leysha can use by the bar.

Betty, Red Salon’s manager.

Get the Staff Access Key

Head back to the bar and check the corner of the middle bar to get the Staff Access Key.

Head to the Manager’s Office

Go to the manager’s office by the rotunda to gather some information about the vessel and the Trajax type. To the left is a monitor that shows different CCTV feeds, including the one where the vessel is in. There is also a notebook to the side that gives vital information about the signs to look for when dealing with Trajax withdrawal.

There are two chutes inside the office, one connects to a basement below and another one connects to the culture room where the vessel is in. There is also another computer in the middle of the room that shows additional info about what type of Trajax should be given based on the blood type of the vessel.

Trajax withdrawal signs for vessels with Phlegmatic blood.

Speak to the vessel via the monitor

On the monitor to the side, select Camera 1 and press the mic icon to talk to the vessel. From her dialogue, you can use the notebook to deduce that the vessel has a Phlegmatic blood resonance showing signs of paranoia, a sign that she is also suffering a level 2 withdrawal.

Check the computer

Use the computer in the middle of the office to figure out that the vessel needs Trajax MG. According to the withdrawal notes, the vessel also needs to doses to bring her back to a calm state.

Head to the basement to get Trajax MG

Go back to the rotunda and head to the staff room to find the elevator to the basement. Then, follow the short corridor and head to the room on the left where the Trajax doses are stored. Get two vials of Trajax MG by getting one first and sending it up the chute before getting the other one. Be quick as the doses can only last for a short time when they are outside the storage room.

Trajax MG vials.

Administer the Trajax MG to the vessel

Go back to the manager’s office and send the vials over to the vessel via the other chute. You will have to do the first one first, then talk to the vessel via the monitor to call her attention before sending the next one over.

Once the vessel gets the right amount of doses, she will be back into a calm state and will go out of the culture room, completing the task. You will also get The Right Dose achievement for it.

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