Vampire The Masquerade Swansong Secret Endings

A guide on how to unlock the secret endings in Vampire: The Masquerade Swansong.

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Vampire: The Masquerade Swansong has a number of endings, and some of these can be strung together as seen in the ending cutscene as a result of the player’s choices. Most of these endings are easy to reach as it’s just a matter of who lives or who dies at the end. But for those players who have keen eyes and have really put an effort on gathering evidences leaving no stones unturned, they will be rewarded with secret endings.

In this guide, we will talk about what the Swansong Secret Endings are and how to unlock them.

Spoiler Warning: It is still worth mentioning that we will be talking about endings in this guide, so there will be spoilers.
How many Secret Endings are in Swansong?

There are two (2) secret endings in Swansong based from our playthroughs so far. These two endings are what we also consider as “distinct endings” since they both have their own epilogues and special scenes in the final cutscene, as we have also talked about in our Vampire The Masquerade Swansong Endings guide. These are:

  • Tea for Two Ending
  • Orpheus Unleashed Ending

These two endings are tied to two secrets in the game that have to be discovered.

How to get the Secret Endings in Swansong

To unlock the Orpheus Unleashed ending, Emem should free the prisoner from the Hartford Chantry’s tower in Scene 04 and fail the confrontation in Scene 11. As for the Tea for Two ending, Emem has to discover the Camarilla traitor’s identity in Scene 11.

How to unlock the Orpheus Unleashed Secret Ending

To unlock the Orpheus Unleashed ending, Emem must free the prisoner that is locked in one of the floors of the Jefferson Library, also known as the Hartford Chantry. You must solve the floor puzzle in order to gain access to the floor where the prisoner is. For a full guide on how to solve the floor puzzle, check out our Vampire the Masquerade Swansong Walkthrough Part 4 – Unknown guide.

Once you solve the puzzle, make sure to check back in the elevator as you will now have access to the fifth floor. After going through a cutscene, you’ll be able to approach the prisoner and you have the choice to Erase the symbol or Don’t touch anything. Choose to Erase the symbol to free the prisoner.

The prisoner turns out to be Kurt Densch, a Nosferatu and Jara Drory’s lover. In Scene 11, as Emem approaches the mainframe room, she will find that the soldier guarding it is already down. Kurt will then appear from the shadows while playing the sound file of Jara Drory’s interrogation. Furious, he will think that it was the Camarilla who sent Jara to the Second Inquisition to be tortured to death.

Jara is the Eurydice to Kurt’s Orpheus.

This will then start a confrontation between Emem and Kurt. Succeeding this confrontation will make Kurt relent and let Emem finish her mission of installing the virus. Failing the confrontation will get Emem killed, with Kurt still under the impression that the Camarilla is at fault. He will then continue hunting down the members of the Camarilla, until he eventually reaches Prince Iversen and kills her, leading to the Orpheus Unleashed ending.

Misguided by his love and misunderstanding.

How to unlock the Tea for Two Secret Ending

In Scene 04, Emem has to access the mainframe server of the SAD Base where she should upload Kaius’ program or the virus. While accessing it, she should look through the database for the sound file of Jara Drory’s investigation. Through this sound file, she will confess that Corvus or the other mole within the Boston Camarilla is none other than Hilda MacAndrews, Emem’s sire.

First off, Emem will have to do a bit of snooping around in the SAD Base before heading into the mainframe room. This is because you are going to need keywords that you can use to search in the database where the sound file can be found; you can’t just type in the keywords using your keyboard.

Once you have gathered enough information, you will have additional keywords that you can use by the time you log into the database. Enter in these keywords in the Search database option to find other files that will lead you to the sound file:

  1. Informant Interrogation: This will bring up the Informant interrogation feedback file. Read it to get the “Identity” keyword.
  2. Informant Accomplice: This will bring up the Informant file update file. Read it to get the “Code name” keyword.
  3. Code name Informant: This will bring up the CONFIDENTIAL – External contact file. Read it to get the “Corvus” keyword.
  4. Corvus Identity: This will bring up the Re: Identity of Corvus file. Read it to get the “Jara Drory” keyword.
  5. Jara Drory Interrogation: This will bring up the Interrogation-JaraDrory.wav file. Listen to it to learn the traitor’s identity.
Within the SAD’s database.

Make sure to be quick in doing this and in uploading the virus as well. There are SAD soldiers just behind the door slowly making progress in cutting it open. If they catch you, Emem will die. Thankfully, there seems to be just enough time to do both, as long as you do not slack off.

At this point, there’s one more thing to check and make sure that you’ll be able to get this ending, and that is to talk to Hilda at Prince’s Quarters and choose the Go with Her to Her rooms option. You will then see an option to Follow Hilda’s Plan after exposing that Emem knows that she’s the traitor. This will proceed with the Tea for Two ending which will be bad for the entire Boston Camarilla, including Emem.

Emem’s treason towards the Camarilla.

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