What’s Behind the Secret Door on Seraph Station: Destiny 2 Guide

Some secrets are worth the hassle of unlocking

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Seraph Station in Destiny 2 holds a handful of secrets. Some of them are obvious like the 12 hidden security drones scattered around the place with each needing a seasonal unlock to get to. And then there is the other more subtle one, like maintenance drones you need to destroy in order to unlock the secret chest at the end of the level.

But whatever your knowledge level of the station’s secrets, there is one question that a lot of Guardians ask, “What is behind the secret door on Seraph Station?”

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to open the door and what lies beyond it. Spoiler alert. It involves some puzzle platforming.

Where to find the secret door on Seraph Station

The secret door is located at the Atrium past the station’s loading bay. But to have a chance to even interact with the door, you’ll need to take down Haroktha, Scourge of the Helium Drinkers first. This miniboss fight shouldn’t take too long considering this is the second time both sides are squaring off.

How to open the secret door on Seraph Station

To open the secret door, you’ll first need to destroy 50 drones scattered throughout the system. They can be found in the open world areas, Seraph missions, and inside Seraph Station itself. We have a separate article telling you where you can find all of the wayward drones. (You’ll also need the Revision Zero pulse rifle to destroy them.)

Lights on the left side of the door indicate which ones you still need to get and they light up each time you destroy one. When all drones are destroyed, you are able to open the door.

What’s Behind the Secret Door on Seraph Station?

Upon opening the door, you’ll be greeted by 3 sets of laser traps. To get past them, you’ll need to have the Exo upgrade that reduces the damage you take after tripping a laser.

Next, you’ll come across a security door. Interact with it and you’ll be tasked to shoot three sigils on the walls. The first two are easy enough to find. The last one, however, is located on the wall in the previous hallway.

Once you’ve opened the door, you’ll be taking a teleporter to the station’s maintenance substructure. This is where the puzzle platforming section starts.

Go towards the bright light, following the path of catwalks and pipes. The trail is occasionally marked with glowing dog paws but those are few and far between. Keep going in that general direction while looking out for red lights that indicate landable platforms. Your first obstacle is a pipe. Look through it, and you’ll find the next platform ahead. It’s a bit of a drop but you’ll easily be able to get there safely.

The next section introduces turrets next. While these aren’t too much of a threat, you’d still need to be somewhat careful, especially on Legend difficulty.

Go to where you destroyed the turret, and from there you will be given two options: to go straight ahead to a door or go right onto another platform.

Go right and jump the platforms. (That room looked suspicious anyways.)

Be careful about jumping over the large pipe. There’s a turret waiting to shoot you upon entering its line of sight.

The next section is much like what you’ve been so far, but you’ll be jumping onto platforms attached to diagonal pipes. The cavernous area leaves quite an impression.

Fight your way through until you reach a door at the end of the chasm. It’s a bit of a distance, so be mindful of your height when attempting a jump. The room on the other side has a couple of turrets inside.

Once you’ve dealt with both turrets, you’ll be asked to choose a path downward. Kindly choose the lane that has the white light. (Three guesses as to where the red light leads.)

At the end of the room you’ve dropped into, there’s a section of pipes that you have to slide down in order to progress. The thing is, it’s a leap of fate. Sort of. Chances are you won’t able to see the landing platform until you’re near the end of the slide. One jump before the drop is all takes to make it across safely.

After dropping down a bit more, you’ll be asked to choose where to drop. Your options are a slide under a red light or two others under a white light. Choose the slide under the white light.

Before exiting this section, there will be two turrets covering the door.

The last section of the puzzle requires you to jump all the way down to a door a fair distance away. From the picture above, you can barely see a white square at the bottom left of our reticle. That’s the place you need to drop down to. It’s almost a straight drop, but we suggest jumping halfway and falling for a bit before deciding to double jump.

Alternatively, you can aim for the pipes on top of the doorway. But knowing how things get knocked around on such thin platforms doesn’t fill us with much confidence.

So what lies at the end of this little adventure? Why it’s a cute robot dog. Of course.

Interacting with the robotic K-9 allows you to activate the good boy protocol.

What is Good Boy Protocol in Destiny 2?

The good boy protocol plays an animation of your Guardian petting the mechanical dog and the dog reacting to it. It’s a neat little secret, actually.

On a side note, you also need to do all this for the Guardian’s Best Friend triumph for your Seraph seal. That goes along with destroying all the drones and whatever else secrets this season has to offer.

After petting the dog, what you need to do next is to take the teleporter back and you’ll be right in front of the secret door again. You finish up the level from that point on.

So, what happens to the robot dog after encountering it?

Congratulations, you and the crew of the H.E.L.M. are now the proud owners of an advanced mechanic dog. The cute pup can be found in front of the Exo frame. And we can’t help but pet him while we’re there.

And yes, that’s a triumph for the seal as well.

That’s it for this guide on what’s behind the secret door of Seraph Station. It’s been a wild ride getting all the requirements and being patient all throughout. It’s been one heck of a secret and we’re really glad that Bungie put this one into the game.

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