Will Elden Ring be on Xbox Game Pass?

Elden Ring Game Pass

Is Elden Ring available on Xbox and PC Game Pass? One of the most anticipated releases ever, Elden Ring has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from throughout the world. Given Microsoft’s recent studio acquisition spree, it’s a sensible thing to ask: Is Elden Ring coming to the Xbox Game Pass?

You may have already spent some time looking through the character creation options and have an idea of which Elden Ring class you want to take. When it comes to purchasing the game, you may ponder if it’s worth waiting for a possible Elden Ring Game Pass release.

A lot of people are wondering if it will be included in Xbox Game Pass, one of the greatest gaming bargains around.

Elden Ring

Will Elden Ring be on Xbox Game Pass?

Unfortunately, no Elden Ring is not on Xbox Game Pass and will not be anytime soon.

Elden Ring will not be available through Microsoft’s subscription program to the best of our knowledge, because with a title as big as Elden Ring, Bandai Namco will be making a lot of sales from the game, there’s no incentive for them to join Microsoft’s program just yet.

The fact that no other From Software titles are available on Game Pass at the time of this writing is a useful indicator. Also, the Soulsborne series has had a long history of ties to Sony, such as the PS4 exclusive status of Bloodborne, so although this does not rule out the possibility that Elden Ring will be on Game Pass, it does signal that it’s certainly not possible at this time.

What consoles or platform is Elden Ring on?

Elden Ring is available for purchase on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, allowing players to choose how they want to play it.

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Here’s a great video by Double-Barrel Gaming explaining if Elden Ring could Drop Onto Xbox Game Pass this month: