Can Your Romance Multiple Characters in Starfield?

You have multiple romance options in Starfield. If you’re the type who doesn’t want to be tied down, you may be interested in romancing all of them. However, there could be some consequences down the line for those who want to play the field. Here’s a guide that shows you if you can romance multiple characters in Starfield.

Can You Romance Multiple Companions in Starfield?

While you can flirt with multiple characters, once you’re locked into a romance with one of your companions, they will want to be more exclusive. This means that they will not like you being romantic with other characters and will confront you over infidelity.

Starfield takes a more realistic approach over relationships in the game. People normally don’t like being cheated on even if some things are more open in the future. You’ll want to be considerate with how your chosen lover would feel if you decide to cheat on them.

You have four romance options in Starfield: Sarah Morgan, Sam Coe, Barrett, and Andreja. Each of them have their own separate companion mission that will be available once you’ve raised their affinities high enough with you.

After finishing their personal companion quest, Starfield gives you the option to romance that companion. You can damage your relationship by pursuing another character after this point. Though you can opt to end the relationship with that companion if you want to romance someone else.

When you’ve been in a relationship with a character for a while, you’ll have the option to marry them. This gives you one final romantic quest to attend your own wedding in Starfield. However it isn’t permanent and you’re able to divorce your spouse by talking to them about how you’re unhappy with the marriage. The divorce will cause your partner to leave you because they’ll need some time to sort out their feelings.

It is also possible to rekindle former relationships but it’ll take some time. If you do decide to break things off with a companion, they’ll eventually forgive you after some time and be available to romance again. So you can technically romance multiple characters in Starfield but not all at once.