Dead by Daylight Bone Chill Event 2022 Guide

Merry Xmas to All Serial Killers

Dead By Daylight - Bone Chill Event 2022 - Featured

It is the season of giving, and what better way to enjoy the holidays than spending time with family and friends. But in Dead By Daylight, things have taken an unexpected turn as the Bone Chill Event has begun for all players. In this guide, players will get to know more about this event and learn what to expect from participating, so read on.

Dead by Daylight Bone Chill Event 2022 Details

Bone Chill Event is a recurring Event to celebrate Christmas in Dead by Daylight that is scheduled to take place from December 8, 2022, to January 4, 2023. It is a winter-themed event that adds Snowmen to the Gameplay of Killers and Survivors.

The Maps in the game have transformed as well into winter Christmas horror land ready to be used for hiding or hunting. Generators, Hooks, the Exit Gates, and the Basement have received a festive, holiday-themed aesthetic update and also, a new limited-time, Winter Party Starter is added that survivors can as a means to distract killers from catching up to them.

Dead by Daylight Bone Chill Event Unlockables

In the game, players will receive rewards as they complete levels of Challenges through the Event Tome to earn a wide amount of Cosmetics including new Outfits, Charms, and weapon skins. Below is the list of Rewards can earn from the game:

Cosmetics And Charms

  • The Dredge — Frosty The Nightmare
  • David King – Makeshift Nutcracker
  • The Knight – Frosty Eyes
  • The Dredge – Frosty Eyes
  • Dwelf Figurine
  • Trickster, New In Box
  • A Friendly Face
  • Maurice’s Stocking

In Game Sales

If there are any Dead by Daylight hardcore fans out there, gamers will enjoy some premium items that they can now. Depending on what consoles players are using, there will be huge sales that will be discounted for players to enjoy. Below are all discounted sets that players can enjoy:

  • Everlasting Frost Collection
  • Holiday Horror Collection
  • Wintertime Collection
  • Winter Tales Collection
  • Ugly Sweater Collection
Dead by Daylight Bone Chill Event Unlockables - In Game Sales

Do note that all these collections are for Auric Cells only and they will be available only in the store from December 1, 2022, until January 4, 2023, and will return the following holiday season.

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