Destiny 2 Season 19 Best Warlock Build

Best Destiny 2 Warlock Build for Season of the Seraph

Are you looking for the Destiny 2 Season 19 Best Warlock Build? With the Season of the Seraph upon us, you may be interested in updating your build to better match up against the current foes. This guide will teach you how to make the Destiny 2 Season 19 best Warlock build.

Here is the best Warlock build for Destiny 2 Season 19:

Best Season 19 Warlock Abilities

  • Chain Lightning: This electrocuting melee ability chains lightning from the struck target to nearby enemies.
  • Stormtrance: Chain Arc Lightning from your hands and electrify enemies with devastating streams of Arc Light that intensify over time. A shockwave will form underneath you as you cast this allowing you to teleport forward by sprinting which consumes a small amount of your Super energy.
  • Arcbolt Grenade: A grenade that chains bolts of lightning to nearby enemies.

We recommend going with Storm Trance and Chain Lightning since those are already potent abilities thanks to the Arc 3.0 update. They’re still as volatile in Destiny 2 Season 19 however you can play around a bit depending on what abilities strike your fancy. These two are always good for continuously dealing Arc damage to crowds.

Best Season 19 Warlock Aspects

  • Electrostatic Mind: Enemies defeated with Arc abilities give you Ionic Trace. Collecting Ionic Trace makes you amplified.
  • Lightning Surge: You can use your charged melee ability to blink forward while sliding, causing lightning bolts to jolt enemies are you rematerialize.

The Lightning Surge is great for being able to damage enemies as you move around. While the Electrostatic Mind give you a boon whenever you use Arc abilities to finish off enemies as they leave Ionic Traces.

Best Season 19 Warlock Fragments

  • Spark of Discharge: Final Blows with Arc weapons give a chance to create an Ionic Trace.
  • Spark of Beacons: When amplified, Final Blows with Arc weapons will create a blinding explosion.
  • Magnitude: Gives you an extra grenade charge and also increases duration effects of grenades.

Since we’re relying on getting Ionic Traces for your Warlock then the Spark of Discharge is a tempting fragment to go with. Pair this with the Spark of Beacons since this allows Arc weapons to create blinding explosions upon amplification. This duo makes a good combo for repeatedly dispatching large crowds and staying amplified.

Best Season 19 Warlock Weapons

  • Delicate Tomb: Final Blows with this weapon has a chance to generate Ionic Traces.
  • Thunderlord: Final Blows with this weapon create a lighting strikes from above. Very effective against Overlord Champions.

Best Season 19 Warlock Armor

  • Crown of Tempests: Final Blows with Arc abilities or against jolted enemies increase the recharge of your Arc ability and will extend the duration of Storm Trance.
  • Fallen Sunstar: Ionic Traces made by you move faster and give you bonus ability energy. Allies who are nearby also gain ability energy after you collect the Ionic Trace.


  • Low Entropy Superconductor: Unshielded combatants are stunned by Stasis and Arc melee abilities.
  • Mobile Retrofit: Gives you +5 Mobility.
  • Trace Evidence: Defeated enemies who are suffering from Arc debuffs will spawn Ionic Trace.
Destiny 2 Season 19 Best Warlock Build

We used a lot of what we got from the Arc 3.0 update. Our Destiny 2 Season 19 best Warlock build prioritizes giving you Ionic Traces to get you into the amplified state as fast as possible which buffs Delicate Tomb and lets you keep jolting enemies.

That’s our Destiny 2 Season 19 best Warlock build. We hope this article was informative. For more on Destiny 2 content, you may be interested in checking out similar content:

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