Dying Light 2 – How to unlock and get the UV Flashlight

Here is how to unlock the UV Flashlight Nightrunner tool...

Featured Image How to Unlock UV Flashlight in Dying Light 2

In Dying Light 2, the Infected are a menace that is only deterred by one thing, the UV flashlight.

In the game, you can take advantage of UV flashlights as a temporary safe haven. Most UV flashlights can only be found in settlements and other safe zones within the game. But you can get a portable UV Flashlight for your own. Here is how to unlock UV Flashlight in Dying Light 2.

How to Unlock UV Flashlight in Dying Light 2

To unlock the Nightrunner tool, the UV Flashlight, you must start the “Welcome on Board” story quest. In the quest, you will be welcomed into the PK Floating Fortress and after talking with a few people, you will be given the UV flashlight as a tool to use.

The UV Flashlight, as you’ve probably already figured, can be used to keep infected at bay. Upon shining it on their person, they’ll be momentarily stunned stopping them on their tracks. It’s really useful against the more powerful Infected roaming in The City.

How to Upgrade UV Flashlight in Dying Light 2

The UV Flashlight can be upgraded to perform better. Longer batteries, faster recharge, and better effect. You’re going to need some Old World Money cash and certain items to do so.

  • Military Tech x2
  • Old World Money x1000

Old World Money can be found by scavenging for valuables around The City. Military Tech however can only be found in Military Airdrops which are on the rooftops of really tall buildings.

How to Use UV Flashlight in Dying Light 2

To use the UV Flashlight, you have to equip it with your tools, press and hold L2, then shine it at the Infected to stun them momentarily.

Having the UV Flashlight equipped on your tools will take up a slot you could’ve otherwise used for the grappling hook or another throwable. It can be useful to give you some breathing room you otherwise wouldn’t have.

Some players may find the UV Flashlight tool useful, some don’t. At least not as useful as the UV throwable stick that also replenishes your immunity. It isn’t really a necessary Nightrunner tool to have in the City but it’s a welcome addition

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