Ghostwire Tokyo – All Antique Nekomata Relic Request Locations

A complete guide on where to find all Ghostwire Tokyo Antique Nekomata Relic Request locations.

In Ghostwire Tokyo, we deal with a lot of really, really old things. Some are valued due to their place in history and others are fondly remembered. But what if they’re neither? Sure, some of these could have been useful. Good luck finding someone who actually knows how to use it. Maybe the Antique Nekomata knows.

As the name suggests, the Antique Nekomata is one that deals in anything that is so old it is well past obsolete but not old enough to be ancient. Its 7 relic requests involve all the items people once knew how to operate.

The Ghostwire Tokyo Antique Nekomata relic requests can be found in the Shimokusa Shrine. Here’s where you can find all 7 Ghostwire Tokyo Antique Nekomata relics in Shibuya.

What are Nekomata Relic Requests in Ghostwire Tokyo?

The Nekomata in Ghostwire Tokyo are yokai who are more than happy to provide supplies and ammunition to Akito for the right price. These wheelin’ and dealin’ cat-like yokai only deal in a special currency called Meika.

Occasionally, you may be tasked with acquiring relics for the Nekomata in exchange for Meika and other rewards. It is beneficial for both parties that these good relations continue for as long as possible. And nothing is more friendly than doing someone a favor.

Ghostwire Tokyo Antique Nekomata Relic Request List

  1. Incense Burner
  2. Inro
  3. Pocket Watch
  4. Kai-Awase Shells
  5. Koimari Dish
  6. Bizen Ware
  7. Daguerreotype Camera

Ghostwire Antique Nekomata Relic Request Locations

Relic 1 – Incense Burner

Located in the graveyard south of the Sakano Shrine. The Incense Burner can be found at the foot of a gravestone.

Reward: 9,800 Meika

Relic 2 – Inro

Located on the highway near the Shibuya Stripe Tower, northeast of the Kamio Shrine. The Inro relic can be found on top of a pile of clothes.

Reward: 5,400 Meika

Relic 3 – Pocket Watch

Located at a bar Southwest of the Kamio Shrine. The Pocket Watch can be found on top of a table opposite some tableware and a bottle of wine.

Reward: 12,000 Meika

Relic 4 – Kai-Awase Shells

Located at a house east of Onten Shrine. The Kai-Awase Shells can be found on top of the mailbox next to the front door of the house.

Reward: 7,800 Meika

Relic 5 – Koimari Dish

Located in front of a shop southeast of the Akitsu Shrine. The Koimari Dish can be found on top of a display stand beside the shop’s entrance.

Reward: 14,800 Meika

Relic 6 – Bizen Ware

Located on the balcony of a house east of the Shiratsuki Shrine. The Bizen Ware can be found on top of an air conditioning unit.

Reward: 12,000 Meika

Relic 7 – Daguerreotype Camera

Located in a park north of the Chishima Shrine. The Daguerreotype Camera can be found on a bench surrounded by clothes and other items.

Reward: 15,500 Meika

Ghostwire Tokyo Antique Nekomata Relic Request Bonus Rewards

These rewards are based on how many requests you’ve completed

  • Complete 3 Requests
    • Emote: Fox’s Window
  • Complete 5 Requests
    • Self-Defense Beads
  • Complete All Requets
    • Outfit: Fox Mask

And that’s about it for the Antique Nekomata request locations. I hope this guide helped you out on your search! And remember there are other Nekomata out there looking for help in their own searches.

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