How to Get All Grounded Tier 2 Tools

Grounded Tier 2 Tools are a step up from your regular Tier 1 allowing for better performance upon use. They’re challenging to get and you’ll need to know how to craft their specific recipe. This guide will teach you how to get all Tier 2 tools from Grounded.

Grounded Tier 2 Tools Recipe and Ingredients

Here are all the Grounded Tier 2 tools and their ingredients:

All Tier 2 Tools in Grounded

  • Insect Hammer: Analyze a stinkbug port, or get bombardier part from bombardier, or loot a boiling gland. (4x Stinkbug Port, 4x Berry Leath, 1x Boiling Gland.)
  • Insect Axe: Analyze a ladybug head or find bombardier part. (1x Ladybug Head, 3x Bombardier Part, 4x Spider Silk)
  • Super Armor Glue: Must create berry leather first by harvesting berries and crafting them through inventory. (1x Berry Leather, 4x Spider Silk)

All Tier 2 Weapons in Grounded

  • Insect Bow: Analyze spider fangs. (2x Spider Chunk, 2x Spider Fang, 2x Spider Silk)
  • Ant Club: Analyze an ant part or loot ant mandibles. (4x Ant Part, 2x Woven Fiber, 2x Ant Mandibles)
  • Spider Fang Dagger: Analyze spider venom or loot a spider fang. (1x Spider Fang, 3x Spider Silk, 4x Spider Venom)
  • Feather Arrow: Analyze crow feather. (1x Crow Feather Piece, 4x Spider Web)

Not long after learning how to craft Tier 1 tools, you’ll be interested in getting Tier 2 tools for their better performance. Thankfully, upgrading to better gear is easy in Grounded so long as you know how to get the recipe.

There aren’t that many Tier 3 tools yet. Only one at the time of this writing, which is the Mint Mallet. You can discover its recipe by getting a mint chunk from mint. You’ll need five mint chunks, nine spider silks, and eight flower petals.

Grounded Tier 2 Tools Recipe and Ingredients

How to Craft Tools in Grounded?

You can craft tools using the Workbench in Grounded. You’ll first need to unlock the workbench blueprint by analyzing Grass Plank at the Analysis Computer. Building the Workbench will require x3 Grass Planks, x4 Sprigs, x2 Saps.

The Workbench is a valuable utility item that allows you to craft many of the tools and weapons you’ll be using in Grounded. Although there are some materials that you can craft using your inventory such as the Berry Leather. Once you’ve unlocked the Workbench, you can get to earning the Grounded Tier 2 tools.

How to Craft Tools in Grounded

That’s all the Grounded Tier 2 tools in the game including weapons. We hope you found this article to be informative. For more Grounded content, check out our other articles.

Check out this Youtube video from Nayte showing you a useful guide for crafting.