How did Silas become a Werewolf? The Quarry

Is Silas the true source of the curse?

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Silas Vorez is the main antagonist of The Quarry and is the source of the curse that has plagued Hackett’s Quarry and its residents for years. The curse turns him into a werewolf-like creature, hence the names “The White Wolf” and “The Dog Boy”, although his appearance looks closer to the wendigos from Until Dawn, another game from Supermassive Games; the same goes with the rest of those who get the curse.

Despite knowing who Silas is and that the curse came from him, there is still the question of how he got it in the first place. Before we look into that mystery, it’s best that we take a look at how the curse works in The Quarry.

The Quarry Werewolf Curse

The way the lycanthropic curse works in The Quarry is similar to how it is depicted in contemporary media and literature. Those that are cursed transform once a month when the moon is full. A full body transformation happens and they turn into ravenous creatures who hunt creatures, especially other humans.

How the curse spreads

If a person who gets attacked survives the encounter, but gets bitten by the cursed during the scuffle, they’ll then get the curse like an infection. It takes around an hour or two for the person to get fully infected; if the bite is on a limb, amputating it right away prevents the infection from further spreading. If a person has fully turned, they too have the potential to infect others.

How to lift the curse in The Quarry

In The Quarry, the only way that a person can get cured from the curse is if the person who gave them the curse is killed. Doing so will also cure the entire lineage towards the most recent infected individuals, but it will not affect the preceding lineage.

Because of their enhanced healing capabilities, only items made out of silver like silver bullets or silver-tipped arrows can kill them. They also have an averse reaction to water, so submerging them for a long period will also kill them.

Eliza, Silas’ mother.

How did Silas get the Werewolf curse?

There’s no definite explanation as to how or where Silas got the werewolf curse in The Quarry, however we can speculate on a few origin scenarios:

  • Silas might have been given the curse by another person, just not one that has been shown in the game; it might even have been his father who passed it on through genetics. Whoever it is, they must still be alive in order for Silas to keep the curse.
  • The curse might have been caused by a genetic mutation and Silas might have been just an individual susceptible to genetic disorders, why may also be the reason why he has albinism.
  • The curse might have been caused by another supernatural event and Eliza, Silas’ mother, might have something to do with it, either being the direct cause of it all or Silas was just a byproduct or a casualty. At least in the world of The Quarry, ghosts are also real when it was revealed that Eliza was really a ghost all along, so it’s possible that she might have delved into witchcraft.

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