The Quarry Streamer Mode Differences

The Quarry Streamer Mode cover

Streamer mode has been a thing that some recent games have been getting as an additional setting due to the fact that a lot of streamers and content creators who play these games would certainly like to avoid getting their videos copyright claimed.

Some games, especially AAA titles, often include licensed or copyrighted music into the game’s soundtrack, so what devs do is add another playlist of copyright-free songs and give the players the option to toggle streamer mode to switch to these songs instead.

As for how it works in The Quarry, one example can be heard right away at the opening sequence. Originally, the song that will play as Max and Laura drive to Hackett’s Quarry is “Moonlight” by Ariana Grande, but when streamer mode is toggled on, the song will be switched to “Thorn in My Side” by Nik Ammar, Lucy Underhill and Michael Orchard.

Reports of The Quarry’s Streamer Mode Not Working

There have been reports that Streamer Mode is not working as intended in The Quarry. That is because streamers and content creators who had streamer mode on were still getting copyright claims when they post their videos on YouTube.

Thankfully, 2K, the publishers of The Quarry, has been made aware of this issue and is currently doing their investigation on the matter. It is possible that YouTube’s copyright detection system may have just not gotten the memo on this and gave copyright claims incorrectly, or it may have been an error on the game’s side as well.

As of now, 2K recommends to turn off the music in the Audio Settings of the game to avoid the issue. You won’t have to do this unless you intend to monetize your playthrough video.

Players are either expecting that the issue gets sorted out with YouTube and the claims will be withdrawn, or there will be an update rolled out for the game that solely addresses this issue by changing the playlist entirely. Hopefully, it’s the latter that will happen because even the streamer mode songs are bangers and it would be a shame if they get replaced.

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