How long to beat all Weird West campaigns?

Learn how long it will take to beat the Weird West.

How Long to Beat Weird West campaigns

Weird West is an isometric top-down RPG that takes you to multiple character campaigns to explore a deep mystery-filled story. You surely have to take your time to uncover the mysteries of what lies beneath and the eccentric nature of such a strange yet dark game.

You might be asking how long to beat all Weird West campaigns. It will take you about 40 hours at least to go through the five characters to beat Weird West. This of course depends on how long you indulge in the side activities of the game. There are a lot of hidden consumables you need to collect to improve your abilities such as Nimp Relics and Golden Ace of Spades so it will take some time.

If you focus on the main story alone, it should take you under 20 hours to complete Weird West. However, it can be challenging without taking the time to grind for equipment and look for valuables using the side activities of the game.

Forty hours seems like a lot of content, but it can quickly go beyond 60 hours if you’re focused on finding everything the game has to offer. Carefully sneaking around to take your bounty alive will take you time and grinding for money requires putting in a bit of work. Devolver Digital is attempting to create an immersive sim experience through Weird West so you’ll definitely have to take your time with this game.

Weird West will release this March 31, 2022, for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Check the PC system requirements to see if you can run the game. Get ready to explore the dark fantasy RPG of the Weird West.

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