Weird West – How to Play as a Protector

A complete guide to playing as the Protector in Weird West.

Weird West - How to Play as a Protector 3

Being a Protector tasks you to keep the Weird West safe. People often fall prey to nefarious spirits and supernatural elements and it’s up to you to keep everyone safe. No matter where evil might lie, the Protector will find it.

In this guide we’ll teach you how to play as a Protector, the best way to play as a Protector, how to use the unique Protector abilities, and Protector lore. Check below for details.

What Are Protectors in Weird West?

The Protector are warriors of The Lost Fire Nation entrusted with tasks to keep the world safe from the evils within the supernatural realm man is forced to co-inhabit space with. They’re expert hunters who are equipped for a good range of tasks ranging from tracking to combat.

Protectors are sworn to protect The Lost Fire Nation who have been driven out of their lands due to colonization. They find their home in the Weird West where men live among side creatures both nefarious and misunderstood.

Protectors Settlement Locations

  • Thriving Place

When Can You Start Playing as the Protector?

You can start playing as the Protector after you’ve finished the main Pigman Journey. After you’ve found out the truth as Cl’erns Qui’g, you’re placed into the shoes of Across Rivers, a Protector who hunting down the greed of Wiindigo.

You’ll start playing as Across Rivers in the middle of hunting down a Ravenous, a human consumed by greed. Across Rivers is only armed with a bow, a Copper Warclub, and a Sturdy Bearskin Vest. He already has decent equipment at the start of his journey.

Across Rivers is the Lost Fire Nation’s best hunter who is bent on tracking down Wiindigo and ending its grip on the West.

As a Protector, you’re treated a lot better than the Pigman, who is ostracized wherever he goes. People don’t mind your presence and treat you no different than the Bounty Hunter.

Best Way to Play as a Protector in Weird West

The Protector is a jack-of-all-trades who is both decent at ranged and melee combat. Across Rivers is naturally immune to electricity damage which does help negate some disadvantage but isn’t as useful as poison immunity. While Across Rivers is good no matter the situation, you’re best use is to investing in abilities and perks that help with stealth.

Across Rivers compliments a stealthy playstyle thanks to his Surefooted ability. He can run around and move quietly allowing for quick knock outs from behind. The Protector is one of the best characters to use to take in bounties alive. His starter bow is silent and decent so any Golden Ace of Spades invested in the Ambusher perk won’t be going to waste.

Weird West Protector Abilities

Here are all the unique abilities only available to the Protector:



Nimp Relic Costs

Cousin Bear

Summon a bear to fight by your side for 15 seconds.

x1 Nimp Relic

Western Wind

Create a tornado that hurls enemies and objects from its path. The tornado can take on the elemental properties of obstacles it encounters.

x2 Nimp Relics


Move quietly (even when running) and 25% faster (even when crouched) for 10 seconds. Rolls also recharge faster.

x1 Nimp Relic

The Protector doesn’t have any unique interactions unlike the Pigman and Werewolf’s ability to eat corpses to restore their health. But he more than makes up for it by being the most well rounded character of the five.

Check out the Protector opening gameplay by Shacknews in Youtube.

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