How to Get Boltboutamon in Digimon Survive

Get one of the most evil Digimon in Digimon Survive as a member of your team.

How to Get Boltboutamon in Digimon Survive featured

In terms of malevolence very few can compete with Boltboutamon in Digimon Survive. This Demon Man Digimon is one of the most vile incarnations of Digital Monsters as it is born purely out of malice data. If you want Boltboutamon for your team in Digimon Survive, you actually can despite his less than noble nature.

How to Get Boltboutamon in Digimon Survive?

To get Boltboutamon in Digimon Survive you need to evolve Dracmon, Lopmon, or Gazimon into their Mega Digimon forms. You need a Mature Enlightenment Slab in order to do this.

Boltboutamon can be encountered later in Digimon Survive. But it’s only as a boss fight in the last half of the game. You cannot seem to recruit Boltboutamon by befriending him but you can get him for your team by evolving one of the three Digimon mentioned above.

If you’re having trouble looking for one of them, we have a How To Get Gazimon in Digimon Survive guide you can check. Compared to Dracmon and Lopmon, Gazimon has the most potential for evolution and can be found fairly early into the game. This makes Gazimon a great Digimon to evolve into Boltboutamon in Digimon Survive.

You’ll have to make the decision whether you want to use a Mature Enlightenment Slab to get this Digimon. Early in Digimon Survive, there isn’t much Mature Enlightenment Slab at least until you reach Part 6 of the game. This makes saving up for evolutions that much more strategic.

How to Get Boltboutamon in Digimon Survive

That’s how to get Boltboutamon in Digimon Survive. We hope you found this guide to be informative. Stay with us because we have more Digimon Survive content to check out.

Check out this Youtube video from Nig Sparrow showing the evolution forms of Dracmon. This also includes Boltboutamon for their Mega Ultimate form.