How to Upgrade the Candescent Armor Set in Destiny 2

A guide on how to upgrade the Candescent Armor Set in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Candescent Armor Upgrade cover

The Destiny 2 Candescent Armor Set is the event-exclusive armor set for the Solstice of Heroes 2022 event in Destiny 2. It’s a full set that will be given to anyone participating in the event for free, and once it is fully upgraded or rekindled, players are given the chance to focus in on a specific stat when rerolling. Plus, it glows!

Here’s a guide on how to upgrade the Candescent Armor pieces and how its rerolling cycle works.

How to get the Candescent Armor Set in Destiny 2

Upon talking to Eva Levante at the Tower Courtyard and accepting the Celebrating Solstice mission, you will be given the entire Candescent Armor Set for your character’s class. Later on in the game, you will also get Candescent Armor pieces as drops from missions and activities, or you can buy them from Eva for 5 Legendary Shards and 3,000 Glimmer a piece.

How to Upgrade the Candescent Armor Set in Destiny 2
A Fully Rekindled Candescent Armor piece glows

How to Upgrade the Candescent Armor Set in Destiny 2

The upgrade process for the Candescent Armor Set is quite an interesting one and can be confusing at first, so it’s best if we take it one step at a time, starting off with the acquisition of the set.

Upon receiving the set from Eva, it will have its bare minimum stats, so you’ll have to compensate for it with your skills and by other means. The catch is that you will have to wear at least one piece of the armor set in order to acquire the necessary currencies to upgrade the armor, otherwise you’ll get nothing but the regular rewards. But this means that you can still wear other armor pieces from other sets so that you can still go through missions and activities with ease.

The currencies that are required to upgrade the armor pieces are the Silver Leaves, Silver Ashes, and Kindlings, though only the latter two are directly used for the upgrade process itself. We have guides on how to get the Silver Leaves and Silver Ashes, as well as a Solstice 2022 Event Card guide where you get the Kindlings from.

Upgrade Process

Upon obtaining the necessary amounts of Silver Ashes and Kindlings from the Bonfire Bash and the Event Card, you’ll then have to use them in this upgrade sequence:

  1. Use 1 Kindling to get the Small Kindling mod, and 20 Silver Ashes to get the Glowing Embers mod.
  2. Use 2 Kindlings to get the Large Kindling mod, and 40 Silver Ashes to get the Shining Embers mod.
  3. Use 3 Kindlings to get the Fully Rekindled mod, and 60 Silver Ashes to Imbue a Spark.

The good news is that you will only have to do this process once per gear type/slot. The rerolling cycle will no longer require you to obtain more kindlings to upgrade new Candescent Armor pieces that you get; only Silver Ashes will be needed to do so.

As you go through the Glowing Embers and Shining Embers upgrades, your armor piece’s stats will be rerolled; it can either be higher overall with some stats lowered. Upon reaching the Fully Rekindled state, imbuing a Spark will allow you to guarantee a +20 on a specific stat that you choose. Equipping a Ghost Armorer Mod will also add another +10 stat depending on the mod chosen on every upgrade.

Eva’s Solstice Upgrade Missions

You don’t have to get confused so much as the event missions that Eva gives out during the Solstice event will guide you on how the upgrade process of the Candescent Armor works, starting from:

  • Celebrating Solstice
    • You’ll learn how to upgrade the armor using the Small Kindling and the Glowing Embers.
  • A Guardian in Shining Armor
    • You’ll learn how to upgrade the armor using the Large Kindling and the Shining Embers.
  • Rekindle the Spark
    • You’ll learn how to Fully Rekindle the armor and then imbue the armor with a Spark.

Completing these missions will basically give you an idea on how the entire upgrade process of a single piece of the Candescent Armor Set is done.

As for the A Glowing Solstice mission which is the fourth mission for the event, you’ll basically have to upgrade the remaining three armor pieces (the Cloak cannot be upgraded) to their Rekindled state to complete the mission. So focus on completing these quests first before moving on to rerolling, and you should be on your way to a Fully Rekindled set.

Bonfire Bash runs will be a staple to get those Silver Ashes

How to Reroll the Candescent Armor Set Stats

We’ve mentioned before that the stats of the Candescent Armor pieces get rerolled upon doing either a Glowing or Shining Embers upgrade, or upon imbuing a Spark. It’s best to remember that once an armor piece has been imbued with a Spark, it can no longer be rerolled any further.

So once this happens, the next rerolling option is to basically get a duplicate of the armor piece via activities or by purchasing one from Eva, and then upgrading that piece once again through the same process.

The good news is that all the armor pieces that you get after reaching the Fully Rekindled state for that particular gear type/slot will automatically be Fully rekindled, and this applies to both dropped or purchased pieces. This means you no longer have to collect and apply Kindlings on Fully Rekindled pieces that you get moving forward.

Which is why after completing the A Glowing Solstice mission, players who wish to further get good stat armor pieces will have to continue farming for Silver Leaves and convert them to Silver Ashes. The amount of ashes required per upgrade will remain the same (20, 40, 60), so you can get a Fully Rekindled armor piece within 30-45 mins. of collecting leaves and doing Bonfire Bash runs.

It is recommended to just focus on one armor piece at a time when rerolling, and not spreading out your Silver Ashes on multiple pieces at once.

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