How to get Silver Ash in Destiny 2 – Solstice of Heroes 2022

A guide on how to farm Silver Ashes fast in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Silver Ash cover

Silver Ash is a season-exclusive currency for this year’s Solstice of Heroes in Destiny 2. This currency is needed to upgrade a Candescent Armor into its maximum potential, as well as allow players to do high stat rolling for the armor pieces.

Destiny 2 Silver Ash
Silver Ash

How to get Silver Ash in Destiny 2

Silver Ash can be obtained by converting Silver Leaves through playing the Bonfire Bash event. Since the amount of Silver Ashes that you can get depends on the amount of Silver Leaves that you have, we recommend for you to check out our Silver Leaves Farming Guide.

Within the Bonfire Bash event, your objective is to throw Igniters over at the bonfire to light it up. The activity will end after the boss is killed which happens when the activity goes beyond 8 minutes or if the entire fireteam manages to throw 20 Igniters at the bonfire, whichever comes first.

Igniters are dropped by enemies called Ignition Carriers when slain. Only one Igniter can be carried at a time, so once you have one, immediately aim at the bonfire and throw it; you can throw igniters from a far distance. Within the activity, Taken enemies will spawn in and will temporarily disable you from taking Igniters until they are killed.

Once the boss is killed, the entire fireteam will receive rewards and Silver Ashes. The amount of ashes that can be obtained depends on the number of Igniters thrown at the bonfire which goes for 5 Ashes per Igniter, or a maximum of 100 Ashes per run.

The conversion between the Silver Leaves and Silver Ashes will also be dependent on the number of Igniters thrown, with 1 Leaf converted per Igniter; if you have an amount of leaves less than the amount of Igniters thrown, then you will only get the amount of ashes based on the number of leaves you have. It’s best to always have no less than 20 Leaves in the inventory before doing a Bonfire Bash run.

Destiny 2 Silver Ash Uses

Silver Ash is mainly used for upgrading a Candescent Armor piece to its max potential. There are three tiers of upgrades per armor piece, with each tier requiring more Silver Ashes:

  • Glowing Embers upgrade: 20 Ashes
  • Shining Embers upgrade: 40 Ashes
  • Imbuing a Spark: 60 Ashes

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