How to Upgrade Watering Can in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Time to give your watering can a better purpose.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Watering Can cover

The Watering Can is one of the magical tools that players can use within the Dreamlight Valley. Not only can it water crops without doing any refills, it can also be used to douse flames. Although its magic is only limited to its unlimited water supply, with a little bit more magic thanks to Merlin, it can even be used to clear out mushrooms.

In this guide, we will talk about how to upgrade the Watering Can in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Pre-requisites to upgrade the Watering Can

In order to upgrade the Watering Can, you must first unlock the Glade of Trust for 5,000 Dreamlight. You will also need to increase your friendship level with Merlin to level 8 to get the “A Dark Experiment” quest and do the story quests along the way. As you complete the first few story quests, Merlin will upgrade your watering can to allow it to remove mushrooms temporarily, while the level 8 friendship quest will make that ability permanent.

How to upgrade the Watering Can in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The watering can has two upgrades which are needed to remove the purple mushrooms found in the valley.

First Watering Can Upgrade – Small mushroom patch

Upon reaching friendship level 8 with Merlin, talk to him to get the “A Dark Experiment” where he will use the power of a Purified Night Shard to make the watering can’s ability to remove mushrooms permanent. Merlin will then ask you to gather the following materials:

  • x20 Mushrooms – can be obtained from the Glade of Trust
  • x5 Emeralds – can often be obtained from mining in the Forest of valor or in the Glade of Trust
  • x3 Purified Night Shard – can be crafted in a crafting station using the following materials:
    • x15 Night Shards
    • x3 Dream Shards

After gathering all the materials, head back to Merlin and he will upgrade your watering can. Now you can use the watering can to remove the mushrooms within the village, but only the small patches for now; the bigger patches require another upgrade.

Second Watering Can Upgrade – Big path-blocking mushrooms

To get the next upgrade, you must first reach friendship level 10 with Merlin and he will give you the quest called “The Final Trial”. In this quest, you will have to craft an ointment that will allow your watering can to remove the bigger patches of mushrooms. Completing this quest will also unlock Merlin’s Marvelous Wizard Hat.

The first task is for you to craft five (5) Purified Night shards which will require:

  • x25 Night Shards
  • x5 Dream Shards

Once the Purified Night Shards are crafted, go to Merlin and he will require you to crush them. You will then have to select a character who can crush the shards for you; the options will depend on the characters who you have invited to live in the village so far. Go to your selected character and hand them the shards to get them crushed.

Next, you will have to get the remaining ingredients for the ointment. Merlin will give you a recipe book where these items are listed. To craft the Royal Watering Can Upgrading Ointment, you will need the following materials:

  • x1 Falling Water
  • x1 Ice Heart
  • x25 Mushrooms

The Falling Water can be obtained from the waterfall in the south side of the Glade of Trust. The Ice Heart can be harvested from the Ice Tear Seed that Merlin gave to you; just plant it like any other crop, water it, and wait for a few moments for it to grow. You can also gather more mushrooms by using your upgraded watering can on the small mushroom patches.

Once all ingredients are gathered, craft the ointment from the Potions & Enchantments category of a crafting station and hand the ointment to Merlin to complete the upgrade. Test out your newly upgraded watering can to clear out the rest of the mushrooms in the glade and in other parts of the valley.

Mushroom Gathering Tips

  • Take a gatherer character with you while picking up mushrooms; the higher their friendship level is, the better.
  • You can use the furniture menu to move the Well to the closed-off section of the glade, and then use the Well to teleport to it to reach the other side and grab the mushrooms in there. This exploit can also be used in the other areas that has closed-off sections, too.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is available for PC, PS4/PS5, Xbox One/X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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