LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga – A New Hope Minikit Locations

A complete guide to LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga All Minikit Locations in Episode 4: A New Hope.

LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga - All Minikit Locations in Episode 4

This guide will show you where to find all LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Episode 4: A New Hope minikit locations. Minikits can be challenging to locate since some of them can be hidden really well in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. They are worth it to find though as collecting all five in each level rewards you with a ship to use in free play mode.

If you’re having trouble finding a specific minikit, you can always buy a “Rumor” through your holoprojector. Rumors each cost 30,000 studs but the price can be lowered with the right upgrades.

But this guide will show you where to find every minikit so you don’t have to go through the hassle of looking for each one. There are a grand total of 25 minikits in Episode IV: A New Hope.

Boarding Party minikit locations - LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

Boarding Party

An Acrobatic Mission minikit

In a room separated by a glass where you can see Darth Vader walking on the other side, there is a door that can be opened by a Force-sensitive character. You’ll have to jump down the hole and get past the lightning traps to get to this minikit at the end of the hallway.

Rumor: “Show off your acrobatic abilities for a special reward!”

Storage Wars minikit

After you’ve used the hologram platform to open a door, there will be Stormtroopers who will break through on the door to the left. Inside that door, you’ll find four buttons which you’ll have to press simultaneously in order to acquire the minikit. Use a Force-sensitive character to bring objects to press the other two buttons and use your two characters to press the other two. This will give you this minikit.

Rumor: “The cleaners must have been in a rush to finish…”

Rhythm Rebels minikit

In the disco party room found before meeting R2D2, you can use Mind Tricks to force everyone to start dancing. Parts will appear that allow you to build this minikit.

Rumor: “Time for a dance break!”

Gonk This Way! minikit

Just before you exit the level, the last minikit can be found in the escape pod. You’ll have to build this minikit yourself after destroying all the clutter.

Rumor: “Grab a couple of gonks for free entry!”

Mynock! Who’s There? minikit

The first minikit requires you to find four creatures inside the ship called “Supercounters” which are these bat-like creatures. Once you’ve destroyed all four, you get this minikit.

  • First Supercounter Location: you can find the first Supercounter on the top floor of the ship. You’ll have to grapple through a hole that can be found on the fourth floor to reach this area. The Supercounter can be found at the end of the hallway filled with lightning traps.
  • Second Supercounter Location: once you’ve reached the section of the main story where Leia falls down a hole, there is a Hero Terminal that opens a door with a Supercounter behind it.
  • Third Supercounter Location: in the area before you meet up with R2D2 there is a door past the stairs that can be opened using a Jedi character. There’s a Supercounter waiting at the end of the path.
  • Fourth Supercounter Location: in the same area before meeting R2D2, go through the door again and head left. You’ll reach a room with a disco party going on. There is a hole in the ceiling you can grapple towards to encounter the last Supercounter.

Rumor: “How did these mynocks get on board? Somebody do something!”

After getting all Boarding Party minikits, you’ll get “Tantive IV Escape Pod” as a reward.

Hunk of Junk minikit locations - LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

Hunk of Junk

High Maintenance minikit

Once you’ve attached the satellite dish to the Millennium Falcon, several of the rooms in the upper level will open up. The room to the west will have this minikit.

Rumor: “See anything good up there?”

Lost Property minikit

There is a Villain Terminal in the northwest of the level which unlocks a garage with a Gonk droid. Ride the Gonk droid to the northeast garage and park it next to the conveyor belt. The contraption with the conveyor belt will crush some parts which will give off parts that you can build into this minikit.

Rumor: “Any lost belongings must be retrieved and processed.”

Secret Stash minikit

In the north there is a Hero Terminal hidden behind some objects you can destroy which unlocks another garage where you’ll find two crates that you need to push near the mechanical arms in order to spawn this minikit.

Rumor: “Found within a hidden stash of valuable resources…”

Docking Bay Storage minikit

In the upper area of the level you can find a room with four boxes to the north. You can smash these boxes and they’ll form the parts you need to build your own minikit.

Rumor: “You never know what you’ll find when you shove some boxes around!”

Emergency Exit minikit

Look for the garage where Stormtroopers appear in the southwest of the area. Use a scavenger character in this to launch a net upwards and climb up to reach this minikit.

Rumor: “Exits can be found on the first floor! Did that minikit try to make a break for it…?”

After getting all Hunk of Junk minikits, you’ll get the “Millennium Falcon” as a reward.

Best Leia'd Plans minikit locations - LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

Best Leia’d Plans

MSE Trap minikit

This minikit requires that you destroy three Mouse Droids roaming the level.

  • First Mouse Droid Location: On the first floor with a ledge you can grapple above, the mouse droid will be circling around the hall.
  • Second Mouse Droid Location: There is a Mouse Droid roaming in the same area as the Stormtrooper who takes the energy cell.
  • Third Mouse Droid Location: after you’ve found the two Mouse Droids above take the lift and look for the ladder to get to the bottom floor again. Across this ladder, a wall can be pulled down which will reveal the location of the third Mouse Droid.

Rumor: “These mouse droids are such a pest…”

Do You Mind? minikit

You have to trick the crew using the fake Darth Vader and using the lift and take the door to the right and find this minikit inside.

Rumor: “Find out what the Emperor is up to… Then regret it.”

Glide to Provide minikit

In the area with a zipline ledge where you find the second mouse, you can build a Glider using a Scavenger which will allow you to reach to a lower level where you can find this minikit. Or just drop down directly below from the upper floor.

Rumor: “The minikit is REALLY out of reach! Or is it…?”

Break’s Over minikit

There will be a small custscene where you see a Stormtrooper take a power cell somewhere. You need to go east platform and then look to your upper left where you’ll see a crane you can shoot down. Shoot it down and it’ll drop giving you access to a zipline you can take. There are two Stormtroopers and an Imperial officer guarding a card on the table. Pick up the card and then open the door by pressing the glowing red switch on the right. This will reveal a room where you can insert the card into a contraption. You will then open up a hidden room revealing two Stormtroopers watching a TV with a power cell attached. Get the power cell and take it back where it originally belonged. This will open up a room with this minikit.

Rumor: “Take back the stolen power cell!”

Priorities minikit

From where you found the last Mouse Droid, you can destroy the stuff against the wall near the entrance to build this minikit on your own.

Rumor: “The princess isn’t going anywhere. Best conduct a thorough search of the detention area!”

After getting all Best Leia’d Plans minikits, you’ll get “Imperial TIE Fighter” as a reward.

This Is Some Rescue minikit locations - LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

This Is Some Rescue

Stacked Up minikit

Go to the other side of the Docking Bay where you can use use a Force-sensitive character to stack up crates against each other in order to reach the upper ledge. You can cut a whole inside the crate with this minikit inside using a lightsaber.

Rumor: “Use the environment to your advantage when checking the hangar.”

Twirling Around minikit

The fifth and final minikit can be found near the end of the level just before you swing across the gap. You’ll have to use a Scavenger to shoot nets in order to reach the upper ledge towards the right where you can find this minikit.

Rumor: “Discover a hidden room by channeling your inner acrobat!”

Rebels in Disguise minikit

After you’ve taken your first control of Luke and Leia, the room they’re in has a Villain Terminal that you can use to open a door with this minikit inside.

Rumor: “These trooper disguises can get you into all sorts of places…”

MSE Hunt minikit

The third minikit requires that you take out three Mouse Droids that are hiding in the level.

  • First Mouse Droid Location: in the hallway you chase the Imperial Officer with the keycard in.
  • Second Mouse Droid Location: inside the room where you first control Luke and Leia in.
  • Third Mouse Droid Location: in the hallway just before level ends.

Rumor: “Keep an eye out for those mouse droids!”

Password Protected minikit

At the start of the level get the Docking Bay password from the Protocol Terminal nearby. You’ll then have to proceed until you reach the section where you’ll have to fight the Imperial Officer who is holding the keycard. There is a door behind that Imperial Officer that can be opened by a Bounty Hunter character. You can then use the Docking Bay password at the Protocol Terminal on the right to get this minikit.

Rumor: “Enter the code to redeem a fabulous prize! (All transactions are final. No substitutions. Minikit has 0.0001 stud value)”

After getting all This Is Some Recue minikits, you’ll get the “Y-Wing” as a reward.

Stay On Target minikit locations - LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

Stay On Target

Teeny Tiny TIE minikit

There is a mini TIE Fighter you can shoot down in the first section of the level which will give you this minikit.

Rumor: “Almost too cute to blow up! … Almost.”

Small Probe-lem minikit

A probe droid will appear in the middle of the first section which you can shoot down for this minikit.

Rumor: “That probe droid has something of ours…”

Teeny Tiny TIE Returns minikit

Just before you reach the open section of the level, another mini TIE Fighter will appear which you can shoot down for another minikit.

Rumor: “This one is even cuter! Now blow it up!”

Not Up to Code minikit

After the cutscene with Darth Vader, take a left turn and shoot at the glowing panels to reveal this minikit.

Rumor: “That panel by the exhaust port looks loose…”

Minimalism minikit

After you’ve reached the large open area where Darth Vader makes an appearance, you have to take out four satellites found on the outer rim to earn the fifth minikit.

Rumor: “Those ghastly satellites just have to go, dahling!”

After getting all Stay On Target minikits, you’ll get “Death Star” as a reward.

That’s every minikit you can find in Episode IV: A New Hope. If this guide really helped you out, we have other LEGO Star Wars guides you might be interested in.

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