LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga – The Empire Strikes Back Minikit Locations

A complete guide to LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga All Minikit Locations in Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back.

LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga - All Minikit Locations in Episode 5

This guide will show you where to find all LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back minikit locations. Minikits can be challenging to locate since some of them can be hidden really well in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. They are worth it to find though as collecting all five in each level rewards you with a ship to use in free play mode.

You can also buy a “Rumor” from your holoprojector if you’re having a hard time looking for a specific minikit. Rumors cost 30,000 studs each which can be costly but you can lower the price with the right upgrades.

However this guide will show you where to find every minikit so you don’t have to go through the hassle of looking for each one. There are 25 minikits in Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back.

Hoth and Cold LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga - All Minikit Locations in Episode 5

Hoth and Cold

Up to Snow Good minikit

There is a droid flying in the center of the map holding this minikit. Shoot it down to claim this minikit.

Rumor: “Did the probe droids build those snowmen…? They’re LEARNING…”

Chain Reaction minikit

In the southwest corner of the map, you need to align some satellite dishes and then activate the laser. This will bounce off the satellite dishes and hit an object sticking to the side of the cliff which you can then rebuild into this minikit.

Rumor: “What happens if you shoot a P-Tower turret with another P-Tower? Let’s find out…”

Snow Friends of Mine minikit

Destroy 5 snowmen made up of various LEGO characters located around the area to get this minikit.

  • Palpatine Snowman: located in the south of the map on your way up the giant turret on top of the hill overseeing some searchlights.
  • Stormtrooper Snowman: in the southern corner of the map where you can find some searchlights and a climbable metal tower.
  • Ice cream Stormtrooper Snowman: in the northeast side of the map with the large gate.
  • Darth Vader Snowman: east side of the map where you can build a magnet to get a power cell.
  • Carrot Stormtrooper Snowman: in the north from where you can use a generator to power up a ship. Shoot the contraption holding the bridge up behind you and cross it to find this snowman.

Rumor: “ld those snowmen…? They’re LEARNING…”

Meltdown minikit

In the north side of the area, use a generator which will power up a ship. Enter the ship and use its lasers to blow up the giant ice on the left. You can then exit the ship and rebuild the debris you just blew up into this minikit.

Rumor: “There must be a way to thaw out that frozen minikit by the snowspeeder…”

Repurpose and Reuse minikit

In the east side of the map, you can build a magnet which will attract a floating droid to you carrying a power cell. Take the battery and insert it into one of the cages containing this minikit nearby.

Rumor: “That’s still a perfectly good power cell. Try using it somewhere else!”

After getting all Hoth and Cold minikits, you’ll get “GR-75 Medium Transport” as a reward.

Assault on Echo Base LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga - All Minikit Locations in Episode 5

Assault on Echo Base

Snowed Under minikit

At the beginning of the level head right and go underneath through a small cave. This minikit is just floating by.

Rumor: “Luke wasn’t the only thing left alone in the snow…”

Did Somebody Order Ice? minikit

After obtaining the Snowed Under minikit, keep an eye out for this minikit, which is located immediately to the right. If you look closely, you should see a little snow pile. Blast the snow with your guns to expose this minikit, then fly over and grab the minikit.

Rumor: “The prize is all yours; you just need to thaw it out!”

Let It Go minikit

As soon as you return to the battlefield, your priority should be to take down the AT-STs before turning your attention to the AT-ATs. This Minikit can only be obtained by destroying six AT-STs. If you don’t get them all in this region, they’ll keep respawning later in the level, making it impossible to finish this mission. There is a snow pile on the right side before you get to the AT-AT. Shoot it and fly over to get this minikit.

Rumor: “There is a lot of ice around here… Some of it must be hiding valuables!”

Snow Problem minikit

Once you’re at the AT-AT take a sharp right and keep heading forward until you see a cave. Fly through to get this minikit just floating by.

Rumor: “Sometimes these things are just lying around! Keep your eyes peeled.”

Probe-ation minikit

Destroy 6 of the droid vehicles wandering around to get this minikit. They’re white droids on wheels.

Rumor: “These sneaky Empire droids are still surrounding the area. Deal with them!”

After getting all Assault on Echo Base minikits, you’ll get “Imperial Star Destroyer” as a reward.

Never Tell Me The Odds LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga - All Minikit Locations in Episode 5

Never Tell Me The Odds

Rocky Steady minikit

In the asteroid field, destroy five space debris floating around. They aren’t asteroids and you’ll notice them due to their more square and blocky shape. You’ll get this minikit after destroying five of them.

Rumor: “There’s often oddly-shaped asteroids within these fields…”

They Can’t Have Disappeared minikit

Go behind the back of the Star Destroyer. You can find this minikit on the upper portion of the spacecraft.

Rumor: “Hidden in plain sight…”

Imperial Space Race minikit

Replay the level in free play and earn gold in the race to get this minikit. You need to complete the race under 32 seconds.

Rumor: “Race against the clock!”

Avoid the Asteroid minikit

Keep your eyes open in the asteroid field for this minikit just floating around.

Rumor: “Only a skilled pilot can reach this one!”

Exogorth Leftovers minikit

Just after the cutscene where you’re placed into a large asteroid being chased down by the Empire, there is this minikit on the lower left section.

Rumor: “Space slugs usually eat everything… Maybe they’re allergic to minikits?”

After getting all Never Tell Me The Odds minikits, you’ll get the “Imperial TIE Bomber” as a reward.

Hibernation Station LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga - All Minikit Locations in Episode 5

Hibernation Station

Small Systems Secret minikit

Switch to R2D2 and go to the southeast corner of the map. You’ll find a terminal you have to solve that opens up a room full of power cells. Head inside and go right and pull the contraption down to reveal a power cell. Take this power cell and add it to the collection behind you. The machine will open up the ceiling and this minikit will drop down.

Rumor: “An astromech could slice its way into the small systems room…”

Password Puzzle for Peckish People minikit

Just outside the room full of power cells, there is a terminal that will give you the password to the dining room. Take the password, head right, then left and input the password to enter the dining room. This minikit is at the center of the table.

Rumor: “Looks like the dining room is locked up tight. The entry code must be nearby…”

Infernal Furnace minikit

Head left outside the dining room and go into the hallway where two Stormtroopers are having a chat. To the right there is a console you can use. Switch as C3PO and interact with it to activate and take control of a droid who can open up the doors to the furnace. Break the objects on the right and rebuild it as a contraption. Shoot the big obstacle that’s blocking the items to the furnace. Once the junk go in, this minikit will pop out of the furnace.

Rumor: “That pit droid could probably get you into the furnace room…”

Sightseeing Stormtrooper minikit

Head out the furnace and take two right turns then the soonest left. You should see a maintenance crew along the way and a pile of junk that’s with them. Destroy the junk and rebuild them into machines. A cutscene will appear where Stormtroopers appear and play with the machines you built. Head the way they came and take a left turn. There will be a terminal you can use as Bail Organa which will give you a box. Push the box to the other end and the window will flip to give you this minikit.

Rumor: “The stormtroopers are distracted… Now’s your chance to snag that minikit!”

Lofty Lift Lever minikit

In the room with an Imperial officer in the middle with several Stormtroopers coming from the elevators, switch to a character with a grapple at the switch above the broken lift. This will pull it down and the broken elevator in the middle will open up. Walk up to it to get your minikit.

Rumor: “The override lever for lifts are usually found high up inside them!”

After getting all Hibernation Station minikits, you’ll get “Boba Fett’s Starship” as a reward.

Revelations LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga - All Minikit Locations in Episode 5


Carbon Copy minikit

After chasing Vader through a tube, you’ll arrive in a room with a switch. Pull the switch and the carbon freeze contraption to the right will do something. The hole from the ground will spit out this minikit.

Rumor: “Test out the carbon freeze equipment for yourself.”

Hatching a Plan minikit

Go through one of the tubes again after cutting a hole from to activate a switch that opens up another tube tunnel. Switch to R2D2 and go through the tunnel. You’ll arrive in a room with the center tube tunnel to the left having a hatch you can pull down. Pull it down and this minikit will fall. You can go ahead an pick it up.

Rumor: “Hatches often lead to new locations… Sometimes locations with prizes!”

Tabletop Games minikit

In what seems to be a control room you enter where you can hear Darth Vader’s breathing, switch to C3PO and access the terminal to the left. This will reveal this minikit at the center of the room which you can go ahead and pick up.

Rumor: “Some games require a password to gain entry. Fancy!”

In Case of Emergency minikit

After the cutscene where you’re thrown out the window, pick yourself up and head left. There is a Hero terminal you can use which opens up a compartment that has this minikit.

Rumor: “Rebels are quite resourceful when they need to be…”

Vanity Room minikit

Walk along side the edge after the cutscene where you’re thrown out of the window until you reach a hallway where you hear Vader’s breathing again. Keep walking and you should see a button to the right. Press it and it’ll open the door to a room dedicated to Lando and his capes. Destroy the photo and this minikit is inside.

Rumor: “Lando really loves his capes…and himself!”

After getting all Revelations minikits, you’ll get the “Rebel X-wing” as a reward.

That’s all the minikits you can find in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back. If this guide really helped you out, check out our other LEGO Star Wars content.

Check out this Youtube video from Gaming with Abyss which shows you how to complete all the challenges and where to find the minikits in the Revelations level.

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