Lost Ark Vykas Legion Raid Gate 1 Walkthrough

A guide on how to clear Gate 1 of the Vykas Legion Raid.

Lost Ark Vykas Legion Raid Gate 1 cover

Vykas is the newest boss that players can challenge in the Legion Raids in Lost Ark. This succubus boss uses her devilish wiles to make adventurers’ lives a living hell when running through the legion raid. However, before players can fight her, they will have to fight her incubus minion names Morphe during the first gate of the raid.

In this guide, we will talk about the first phase of the Vykas Legion Raid which is the Morphe boss fight, its special mechanics, and how to survive and succeed the phase.

How to start Vykas Legion Raid Phase 1 – Gate 1

To prepare for the first phase of the Vykas Legion Raid, players will have reach iLvl 1430 for the Normal Mode, and iLvl 1460 for the Hard Mode.

It is also highly recommended that all players in the 2 parties of 4 can communicate with each other or at least have one dedicated communicator in each party as there will be several mechanics in this fight where the two parties will be separated and will have to communicate where the safe zones are for the other party.

Also, both the composition in each party should be balanced with at least 1 support to make sure that both parties survive. Make sure to also communicate each others’ quadrants prior to entering the fight so the everyone knows their place, to be efficient and not get into confusion when doing the special mechanics.

Vykas Legion Raid Sidereal Skills

There are three available Sidereal skills that can be used by the assigned raid lead during the Vykas Legion Raid:

  • Nineveh: Deals heavy damage against the boss.
  • Wei: Deals heavy stagger damage against the boss.
  • Inanna: Provides damage reduction and healing. In this legion raid, it also reduces the seduction gauge in the Vykas phases.

The party lead should use the Sidereal skills depending on the strengths and weaknesses of your party’s composition. It’s recommended to use Wei during stagger checks to make them easier, while the other two can be used if the party is struggling on DPS or survival.

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 1 Walkthrough

  • Vykas Legion Raid Gate 1 First Phase
    • x60 Morphe First Encounter
    • x55 Lust and Human Dimension Split
    • x50 Orb Mechanic
    • x35 Stagger and Orb Block + Ring Explosion
  • Vykas Legion Raid Gate 1 Second Phase
    • x30 Swap Dimension
    • x25 Four Circles
    • x15 Stagger and Orb Block + Ring Explosion
    • x5 Final Power Up
  • Morphe Attack Patterns and Hard Mode Mechanic

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 1 First Phase

The first phase for the Vykas Legion Raid Gate 1 will cover the first encounter (x60), the splitting between dimensions (x55), the orb and gate mechanic (x50), up until the first stagger check (x35). These sub-phases will be marked by the approximate HP line when Morphe will initiate its major mechanics.

Morphe First Encounter (x60 HP)

For the first encounter, you will meet Incubus Morphe at x60 HP. All eight members will have to fight Morphe until his HP reaches x55, after which he will transition to his next phase. No special mechanics present in this phase yet.

Lust and Human Dimension Split (x55 HP)

Once Morphe reaches x55 HP, he will teleport to the middle and teleport one party to the Lust Dimension. In this dimension, players will meet Nightmarish Morphe which is a much stronger version of Incubus Morphe.

There are a couple of pointers that both parties should be aware of regarding these two dimensions (Lust and Human) in order to clear them properly.

Safe Zones

Safe Zones in the Lust Dimension is inverted, which means that markers shown on the ground prior to an attack indicate the safe zones and players should stand in it to avoid getting hit. These safe zones are colored purple, while safe zones in the Human dimension remain red.


There are no mechanics in the Lust dimension, which balances against how strong Nightmarish Morphe is with its attacks. Nevertheless, there will be points in the entire run where the markers for Nightmarish Morphe’s attack will only appear in the Human dimension, and it is the responsibility of the party on the Human side to communicate which spots are safe to stand on.

Time Stop Potion

There will be stagger checks at the Human side at certain intervals. In case a stagger check is about to fail, a Time Stop Potion can be used to prevent a party wipe, but only in normal difficulty; party wipes are guaranteed in hard mode if a stagger check or a mechanic is not done successfully.

With those being said, we’ll move on with the mechanics. All the mechanics moving forward will just be for the party on the Human dimension. Do note that a swap will happen halfway through the raid, so it’s best that all parties know these mechanics.

Orb Mechanic (x50 HP)

At around x50 HP, Morphe will move in the center of the arena and spawn a white circle on the ground. All members should stay inside this circle as it is the safe zone for Morphe’s huge explosion attack.

Immediately following the explosion, circles will appear in the four quadrants of the arena. It is recommended to not stand directly on the circle as it will spawn the orbs required for the mechanic. There will also be gates in each quadrant that has a specific color.

The objective of this mechanic is to guide the orb that will spawn from the circle through the gates. These orbs will cycle through five different colors in a specific pattern (red > blue > green > white > black > red) and to succeed in this, the orb must be the same color as the nearby gate as it passes through (it is possible to use the other quadrants’ gates, however this is inefficient and there won’t be enough time).

As soon as the orbs appear, they will start following the nearest player. The player must then stall by running until the orb’s color matches the gate, then the player can go through the gate to lure the orb to pass through it.

The fail conditions of this mechanic is if the player touches the orb or if the orb does not match the gate’s color as it passes through; if an orb touches a gate while it is a different color, it will cause an explosion that deals massive damage. Failing more than two gates in normal mode or once in hard mode will result in a party wipe.

(The orbs also have “pointers” to help visually impaired players: red = up; blue = down; green = left; white = right; black = none)

Stagger and Orb Block + Ring Explosion (x35 HP)

Once Morphe’s health is at x35, he will initiate a stagger check. If he is successfully staggered, orbs will appear on top of the players; two players will get a black orb, while the other two will get blue orbs.

With Morphe in the middle of a 3×3 grid, black and blue circles will start appearing in succession around him. Players will then have to memorize the sequence where the circles with the matching color as their orbs appeared. This is because huge energy orbs will come flying towards Morphe which will re-energize him.

The objective of this mechanic is to prevent the orbs from reaching Morphe by blocking them physically. The ground circles will indicate where the orbs will be at, so to block these orbs efficiently, players must just follow the order of the circle’s appearance. If enough orbs are not blocked, then it will result in a party wipe.

If the orbs are successfully blocked, Morphe will charge up for an explosion and this happens on both sides; the catch is that only the Human side will be able to see what part of the arena is safe. The safe zone will either be the inside circle around Morphe, or the outer ring. Once the Human side sees the safe zone, they must immediately communicate the safe zone to the Lust side so that they can also head to it. Members who fail to reach the safe zone will be hit with the fatal explosion.

After the explosion, both parties can then continue working on taking down Morphe’s health to x30 HP.

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 1 Second Phase

The second phase of the Vykas Legion Raid Gate 1 will cover the events from the dimension swap (x30), the four circles mechanic (x25), the second stagger check (x15), up to the power up part (x5) leading to the end of the fight.

Swap Dimension (x30 HP)

Upon reaching x30 HP on both sides, Morphe will then do a dimension swap between the two parties, so the party previously from the Lust side that are now on the Human side should prepare for the incoming mechanic. Also, immediately after switching, players should move away from Morphe to avoid his explosion.

Four Circles (x25 HP)

Upon reaching x25 HP, Morphe will move back to the middle and spawn four circles on each quadrant of the arena on both dimensions. One of the Human side’s circles will be white while the rest will be black. They will then have to communicate to the Lust side to go to where the white circle is to avoid the incoming wipe attack because the circles on the Lust side are all black.

Stagger and Orb Block + Ring Explosion (x15 HP)

On x15 HP, another stagger check will happen which has the same mechanics as the first stagger check. After a successful stagger, it will proceed to the orb block portion, followed by the ring explosion. The party on the Human side should communicate the safe spots for the Lust side.

Final Power Up (x5 HP)

Upon reaching x5 HP on either Morphe, both of them will become powered up at the same time, getting a significant boost in its attack. Making sure that both sides’ Morphe will arrive at x5 HP at roughly the same time is important so that there won’t be a side that’s lagging behind that will have to fight a stronger Morphe longer, especially if it’s the Lust side that needs to catch up.

After this final stretch and getting to 0 HP on both sides, Morphe will be defeated and Gate1 will be cleared.

Morphe Attack Patterns and Hard Mode Mechanic

In between the mechanics during each phases, Morphe will be doing different kinds of attacks, as well as an additional mechanic that only happens in hard mode. Remember that the safe zone markers are inverted in the Lust dimension.

  • Tornado Mechanic

The Tornado Mechanic only happens on hard difficulty and is similar to a mechanic that Velganos does also known as the “Pizza Mechanic”. This mechanic can happen on either side.

Morphe jumps into the middle and does an explosion attack with an inside safe zone. Afterwards, he will charge up for an explosion and spawn four circles directly below where the players are standing that will spawn an orb. These orbs will start chasing the player and once it touches the player, it will spawn a larger circle on the ground. It’s important that players should lure the orbs away from Morphe before touching them as he acquires a fatal forcefield around him.

This circle will show a swirl of wind which will tell the movement of the quadrants within the circle whether they’ll go clockwise or counter-clockwise. The first quadrant will light up, followed by the second quadrant depending on the direction of the swirl. the players must then follow the light as they appear in their respective circles for four times, after which they will gain a Shield of Light that will protect them from Morphe’s attack.

  • Dash and Split

Morphe dashes and and then sends out his clone projections from himself that deals additional damage.

  • Jump Smash

Morphe jumps up high while several exploding circles appear on the ground. A growing marker will then appear where he will land.

  • Lines and Cone Combo

Morphe will start the combo by spawning two clones of himself, with all three of them firing a line of energy blasts. Morphe will then teleport to either front side or back side of its target player and will fire another three lines of blasts perpendicular to where he is facing.

After these attacks, Morphe will then charge up for a cone AoE attack where players on the Human side will be safe behind him, while Lust side will be safe in front of him.

  • Axe Kick and Dash Combo

Morphe will do an axe kick then do a dash forward. He will then continue on and do a cone AoE attack.

  • Roundhouse Kick

Morphe will charge up for a roundhouse kick that covers a very wide angle. The safe zones are the same on both sides, however the Lust side must look out for additional boomerangs that follow the kick.

  • Cross Smash

Morphe will glow and jump up, then smash on the ground, creating a cross pattern that will explode. This attack is usually preceded by a claw attack.

  • Projectile Attack

Morphe will shoot out several projectiles around him that explode further into small AoE blasts.

  • Claw Strike

Morphe will attack with his claw and send a cone shaped wave on the ground, which then move backwards to create another smaller cone behind him. This attack happens twice.

  • Ground Punch

Morphe will punch the ground several times which causes projectiles to drop on the players’ position. Afterwards, he follows up with an explosion attack that is either safe inside or outside. It is important that players will move constantly to not get hit by the projectiles.

  • Ring Blast

Morphe will mark rings around himself and start doing explosions while raining down blast projectiles that can knock players back.

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 1 Clear Rewards

Here are the rewards for clearing the Vykas Legion Raid Gate 1:

  • Normal Mode:
    • x2 Covetous Fang
    • x1 Covetous Wing
    • Relic Tier Accessory
    • 500 Gold
  • Hard Mode:
    • x2 Covetous Wing
    • Relic Tier Accessory
    • 1,000 Gold

Players will get the chance to pay 400(N)/700(H) Gold to get an additional chest that contain T3 Guardian and Destruction Stones, Honor Shards, Leapstones, and more Covetous crafting materials.

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