Lost Ark Vykas Legion Raid Gate 2 Walkthrough

A guide on how to clear Gate 2 of the Vykas Legion Raid.

Lost Ark Vykas Legion Raid Gate 2 cover

Vykas is the newest boss in Lost Ark’s Legion Raids and is quite a tough boss to beat with all her mechanics that require little to no mistakes to clear. After defeating her minion Morphe, players will then get to challenge Vykas face-to-face in her own realm.

In this guide, we will talk about the second phase of the Vykas Legion Raid, its special mechanics, and how to survive and succeed the phase.

How to start Vykas Legion Raid Phase 2 – Gate 2

To prepare for the first phase of the Vykas Legion Raid, players will have reach iLvl 1430 for the Normal Mode, and iLvl 1460 for the Hard Mode.

It is also highly recommended that all players in the 2 parties of 4 can communicate with each other as there will be several mechanics in this fight where members are required to declare a state of a mechanic component to make sure that the mechanic can be cleared on time.

It’s important that all members talk about their predetermined positions prior to the fight. In this phase, the mechanics will divide the arena into three parts in different orientations, so it’s best that everyone is using the same reference so as not to cause any confusion, such as a clock face.

Vykas Legion Raid Sidereal Skills

There are three available Sidereal skills that can be used by the assigned raid lead during the Vykas Legion Raid:

  • Nineveh: Deals heavy damage against the boss.
  • Wei: Deals heavy stagger damage against the boss.
  • Inanna: Provides damage reduction and healing. In this legion raid, it also reduces the seduction gauge in the Vykas phases.

The party lead should use the Sidereal skills depending on the strengths and weaknesses of the party’s composition. Since Vykas in her second phase has no stagger checks, it’s best to just use Nineveh to catch up on DPS or Inanna when in dire need of defense and healing.

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 2 Walkthrough

  • Vykas Legion Raid Gate 2 First Phase
    • x120 HP Shadow Clone Wing Wipe Mechanic
  • Vykas Legion Raid Gate 2 Second Phase
    • x65 HP Red and Black Orb Wipe Mechanic
  • Vykas Gate 2 Attack Patterns

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 2 First Phase

The first phase for the Vykas Legion Raid Gate 2 will cover the first encounter and most especially her first wipe mechanic (x120). The first part is just composed of Vykas’ different attacks until her life bar is low enough to start the first mechanic.

Shadow Clone Wing Wipe Mechanic (x120 HP)

Once Vykas’ health reaches x120 HP, she will initiate her first wipe mechanic where she will summon three shadow clones of herself, each having a different wing orientation: 2 wings open, 1 wing open, and no wings open.

There will also be five orbs that will show up in the middle of the arena. Five players should pick up one orb each, while the other three should stand near where the clones are to check their status. Upon pick-up, the orb will give the players either a red glyph or a purple glyph.

The objective of this mechanic is for everyone to approach the shadow clones in the right order depending on the clones’ wing orientation and what color of glyphs gets the majority as these spots will be the safe spots for the incoming attacks. The order is similar between the two possible glyph outcomes, with the 1-wing clone always being the second in the sequence.

Here are the orders:

  • If red glyph takes majority: 2 wings > 1 wing > no wing
  • If purple glyph takes majority: no wing > 1 wing > 2 wings

Only one orb can be picked up by a player; picking up two orbs will result in instant death.

After clearing this mechanic, the parties should continue working on getting Vykas’ health down to x65 HP for the next phase.

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 2 Second Phase

The second phase for the Vykas Legion Raid Gate 2 will cover the second wipe mechanic (x65) up until the end of the fight.

Red and Black Orb Wipe Mechanic (x65 HP)

Upon reaching x65 HP, Vykas will go in the middle again and summon three shadow clones. The clones will then emit a pulse using two different shapes and color (red squares and black circles) in a string of five pulses, then shoot out orbs towards a charging Vykas.

The objective of this mechanic is to take note of the pulses as it will show the order of orbs that will be shot by the clones. Then, players will have to block only the black orbs and let the red orbs pass and reach Vykas. Each clone can pulse out different patterns from each other and the number of black to red orbs may also differ with each pattern.

The catch is that blocking more than one black orb will lead to instant death, and since there are only 8 players in total, players will have a 3-3-2 distribution and there can be times that a shadow clone stationed by two players will shoot out three black orbs.

This can be remedied by having the spare member immediately move over to the spot where a third person is needed, or by using a Panacea or a well-timed Time Stop Potion. Once a player blocks an orb, they should let another player block it, but if that is not possible, they can pop a Panacea to remove the debuff and be able to block another orb, or use a Time Stop Potion only when two black orbs will be shot one after the other.

In normal mode, one black orb can be allowed to reach Vykas, but in hard mode all black orbs should be blocked to avoid a wipe.

After clearing this mechanic, all party members should proceed in working to bring down Vykas’ health to 0.

Vykas Gate 2 Attack Patterns

In between the mechanics during each phases, Vykas will be doing different kinds of attacks.

  • Projectiles + Kick

Vykas will do several kicks that shoot out projectiles. She will then glow blue which indicates that she can be countered. If she’s not countered, she will shoot out more projectiles in a fan pattern.

  • Backstab + Dash

Vykas will teleport behind a target and do a backstab. Then, she will proceed on doing a dash that can deal significant damage. Prior to the dash, she can be countered, but if not countered, she will do another dash which can also be countered.

  • Backflip + Spin Uppercut

Vykas will do a backflip to pass behind her target and then does a spin uppercut which will launch her target upwards.

  • Vacuum + Uppercut

Vykas will shoot out three vacuum cones around her that pull anyone that gets caught. If she succeeds in pulling someone, she will follow up with a spin uppercut. Otherwise, she proceeds with a different attack.

  • Dash + Uppercut + Cross Explosion

Vykas will start dashing at random places and gets behind a target to follow up with an uppercut. It it connects, she follows the attack up with a cross-shaped explosion.

  • Backflip Kick

Vykas does a backflip kick which sends out a series of explosions in front of her. She can follow it up with another attack; if she jumps up high after the kick, she’ll land down with force on the ground that causes another set of explosions around her.

  • Fan Projectiles

Vykas shoots out several projectiles in a fan pattern which then fly back at her and through her, flying once again in a fan pattern behind her, similar to Morphe’s Claw Strike attack. She can chain this attack twice.

  • Ring Rain

Golden rain pours down on random spots on the map that will spawn golden rings upon hitting the ground. These rings will then fly out towards a random target. If the rings hit, the target will become stunned and an explosion will blast up from the ground. Countering the stun using a Panacea can work, however another ring may hit once more.

  • Worm Attacks

Vykas will spawn several worms around her that rise from the ground. Two types of worms will appear: smaller worms that get pre-empted by a black smoke form the ground and deal damage when players get hit, and bigger worms that get pre-empted by white shockwaves which can grab a player that runs above it.

If a player gets caught by a bigger worm, it will explode after a few seconds dealing damage to its surroundings. Other players can kill the worm to set the caught player free and prevent the explosion.

  • Ground Shock

Vykas will do a series of four ground shock attacks in either around her or in a ring pattern which stun and deal damage to anyone who gets caught. The safe zones to avoid the attack will always be outside > inside > inside > outside.

  • Lust Fire

Vykas will fire out four pulses of lust energy at a very wide angle, leaving only a wedge of safe zone behind her. This attack is usually pre-empted by a dialogue from her, so pay attention whenever she speaks and get behind her to avoid the attack.

  • Multi-Laser

Vykas will aim a tracking laser at every surviving member of the parties. A circle marker will also show up underneath the players that acts as a timing cue. After charging up, Vykas will fire the laser at the players’ last known location.

To avoid getting hit, players should head to the edge of the arena and space each other out while moving continuously so that no one will be hit by the laser as it fires. The parties should decide how to move for this attack prior the fight, but most players agree to run counter-clockwise.

  • Purple Ring Attack

Vykas will mark one party member with a purple ring marker on top of their head, while the rest will have a target reticle instead. The one marked with the purple ring will be chased by a spinning purple ring around the arena.

If this ring is touched by anyone, it will explode with a very wide explosion ring except for a small spot in the center. The marked one should make sure that the ring is as far away from their teammates as possible before detonating it.

The catch in this attack is that all the other party members will have explosions blow off at intervals under their feet, so they cannot just head to the edge of the arena right away and just stand still. Timing the path and making sure that no blast rings will get anyone blasted is key to clearing the attack.

  • Sludge Attack

Vykas will mark random party members as shown by two lasers marking the edge of a cone in front of the player, plus a slowly growing bubbling sludge on their faces. If the bubbling sludge explodes while the player is facing anywhere towards the platform of the arena, the explosion will leave a pool of sludge that shoots out projectiles.

To clear this attack, marked players should head towards the edge of the arena and face outwards so that the explosion will not leave a pool of sludge on the ground. If a pool manages to get on the ground, it an be dissipated by staggering Vykas.

When Vykas is down a certain percentage of health (~x50), she will gain a buff allowing her to spread a debuff to her attacks for the rest of the fight. Getting three stacks of this debuff will give the players the sludge as well, making things harder to manage at the latter parts of the fight if the sludge is not taken care of properly.

  • Revolving Walls

Vykas will spawn several walls around her which move in a circular path. These walls have gaps in between them and they only reach as far as the middle part of the arena, making the edges are safe. Getting hit by these walls will deal some significant damage and they can also hit multiple times when a player is caught at a bad angle.

What makes this attack difficult are the explosions that happen while the walls are up. These explosions are pre-empted by damage markers on the ground that run in a cross-hatch pattern with gaps in certain areas. A fair amount of skill is needed to balance maintaining DPS and trying not to get hit is needed here, but it is more recommended to focus more on evading while this attack is ongoing.

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 2 Clear Rewards

Here are the rewards for clearing the Vykas Legion Raid Gate 2:

  • Normal Mode:
    • x2 Covetous Fang
    • x1 Covetous Wing
    • Relic Tier Accessory
    • 600 Gold
  • Hard Mode:
    • x2 Covetous Wing
    • Relic Tier Accessory
    • 1,000 Gold

Players will get the chance to pay 600(N)/900(H) Gold to get an additional chest that contain T3 Guardian and Destruction Stones, Honor Shards, Leapstones, and more Covetous crafting materials.

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