Minecraft Youtube Videos Crosses 1 Trillion Views

Youtube reveals Minecraft videos have amassed more than 1 trillion views.

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You know a game is popular when it crosses more than a trillion views on Youtube. Minecraft Youtube videos have officially gone past the total population on Earth with more than a trillion collective views worldwide. Learn more about it below.

Minecraft Youtube Videos Crosses 1 Trillion Views

On December 15, 2021 Youtube and Mojang combined forces to reveal that the very popular Minecraft has a received a combination of 1 Trillion views worldwide and still counting! This may not come off as a surprise for those who are aware that Minecraft regularly receives 141 million active users per month.

Minecraft is officially the first game to cross a trillion views on Youtube. No other game even comes close to those numbers. Getting this amount of views is no small feat and a big congratulations to Minecraft is in order for managing a feat like this.

To give details on how they managed to get to a trillion views, Minecraft was the most watched topic for Youtube videos back in 2020. And Youtube videos about Minecraft certainly have no shortage of sources with over 35,000 established creators from 150 different countries.

To celebrate passing 1 trillion views on its platform, Youtube is giving itself a Minecraft themed makeover for 24 hours. You’ll see the homepage decorated with Minecraft logos that celebrate its content creators and the game itself.

Youtube will be curating fan-favorite Minecraft videos from respected Minecraft content creators. The platform will be highlighting the most watched Minecraft videos and hosting a brand new animated video featuring the most well known creators for the game.

Youtube Minecraft creators will also get their chance to share their favorite experiences in the game as they’ll take over the official Youtube Instagram account for one day.

Fans will be able to discover new content with Youtube making a dedicated Minecraft page for their Culture and Trends. Anyone can go there to discover the impact Minecraft has in various countries all over the world.

There’s something in it for the players too. The Youtube Creator Skin Pack is free on the Minecraft marketplace for a full year. You’ll have plenty of time to acquire Minecraft skins and character creator items based and inspired by some of the largest Youtube Minecraft content creators.

Minecraft Youtube One Trillion

Reaching 1 trillion views on Youtube is certainly no short feat. Minecraft has been breaking a lot of records since its rise to popularity. For more on Minecraft, check out our other content.

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