One Piece Odyssey: Grand Line Quiz Answers

Time to test your One Piece knowledge.


Starting 2023 with a bang, One Piece Odyssey has a set of side missions that will challenge the minds of players. Among them is the Grand Line Quiz mission in which players will need to answer correctly in order to get a Treasure Chest Key. This guide will let players know all the answers to the quizzes given to them, so read on.

What is the Grand Line Quiz in One Piece Odyssey?

They are a string of questions related to the One Piece series. Answering all of them correctly will reward players with items they can use during their playthrough, including a Treasure Chest Key that can be used to open rare chests found in different parts of the map.

All Grand Line Quiz Answers

There are 4 sets of Grand Line Quizzes that can be found in Memoria or the world of Memories. Each of them has different rewards but all of the questions given are related to events that occurred in the series. Below are the all locations of where to start the Grand Line Quiz including their answers:

Arabasta Grand Line Quiz Answers - One Piece Odyssey

Alabasta Grand Line Quiz Answers

This test can be found in the Sandy Oasis area of Alabasta, specifically in the oasis north of the Great Sandy Desert where players can find Vivi in the main story quest. Talk to the little girl name Zoner to start this quest.

  • “What animal will ask to become your apprentice when beaten in battle?”
    • Answer: Kung Fu Dugong
  • “What’s the name of a poisonous spider that looks like a fruit?”
    • Answer: The Desert Strawberry
  • “Who are Alabasta’s ruler and twelfth successor of the Nefertari royal family?”
    • Answer: Cobra
  • “What’s the name of the giant Gators who inhabit Sandy Island?”
    • Answer: Banana Gators
  • “What animal plays dead to steal the belongings of travelers?”
    • Answer: The Bilker Heron
  • “What is the name of the large casino in Rainbase?”
    • Answer: Rain Dinners
  • “What is the rare giant Catfish found only in the Sandora River?”
    • Answer: The Sandora Catfish
  • “What is the port city of Nanohana’s local specialty?”
    • Answer: Perfume
  • “What is Alabasta Vice-Commander Pell’s alias?”
    • Answer: Pell the Falcon
Water 7 Grand Line Quiz Answers - One Piece Odyssey

Water 7 Grand Line Quiz Answers

After completing the Water 7 main story quest, players can travel to the Mayoral Residence Plaza Yosai Sign. Zoner should be waiting right beside the Fast Travel point and players can start Water 7 Grand Line Quiz.

  • “What is the mounted transportation essential to living in Water Seven?”
    • Answer: Bull
  • “What is the name of the high tide that overwhelms Water Seven?”
    • Answer: Aqua Laguna
  • What is the name of the sea train currently servicing Water Seven?
    • Answer: Puffing Tom
  • “How many foremen does Galley-La Company have for each dock?”
    • Answer: Five Foremen
  • “What is the highest-tier bull you can rent from the Rental Bull Shop?”
    • Answer: King Bull
  • “What is the name of the endangered tree that is the strongest in the world?”
    • Answer: Treasure Tree Adam

For the final question, Zoner will suddenly run off and will give Luffy and his friends a clue as to where to find her. To complete this, players must go to Dock 1 and look for a wooden wagon in the upper left corner of the map. Talk with Zoner and it will be completed.

Marineford Grand Line Quiz Answers - One Piece Odyssey

Marineford Grand Line Quiz Answers

After completing the Marineford main quest, players must head to the South Town area in the center of the map and Zoner will be there as an old person with an orange shirt.

  • “What is the name of the prison impossible to break into or out of?”
    • Answer: Impel Down
  • “What is the name of the bell in west Marineford?”
    • Answer: The Ox Bell
  • “The Ultimate Military Force of Marines HQ are Aokiji, Kizaru, and who else?”
    • Answer: Akainu
  • “What is the name of the giant gate in both Enies Lobby and Impel Down?”
    • Answer: Justice
  • “The Three Great Powers of the Grand Line are the Four Emperors, Marines HQ, and?”
    • Answer: Seven Warlords of the Sea
  • “What is the name of the warden of Impel Down?”
    • Answer: Magellan

For the last question, like what happened in Water 7, Zoner will run off and will players a hint. Go to the bottom of the map where the Ox Bell plaza is and fight off thugs surrounding Zoner.

Dressrosa Grand Line Quiz Answers - One Piece Odyssey

Dressrosa Grand Line Quiz Answers

After completing the Dressrosa main story quest, Zoner will appear once more as an old man located north of the Yosai shop in the upper-left corner of the Dressrosa City area. Talk to him and the last set of questions will be given.

  • “What is the name of the place in Dressrosa where gladiators fight?”
    • Answer: The Corrida Colosseum
  • “What flower blooms in the gardens near the Dressrosa Royal Palace?”
    • Answer: Sunflower
  • “What is the name of the violent fish that lives in the sea near Dressrosa?”
    • Answer: The fighting fish
  • “What are the dwarves who live in Dressrosa called?”
    • Answer: The Tontattas
  • “Who is the man called the strongest gladiator of the Corrida Colosseum?”
    • Answer: Kyros
  • “The current Ultimate Military Force of Marines HQ are Kizaru, Ryokugyu, and?”
    • Answer: Fujitora

The last question will be somewhat shocking. Head to the alcove south of the Colosseum and Zoner will tell Luffy and his crew that all of them are families and will ask Luffy to save his youngest one from a group of thugs. Beat them and a Treasure chest key will be rewarded.

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