One Piece Odyssey Return to the Strange Place Chapter 2 Walkthrough

One Piece Odyssey Return to the Strange Place cover

Return to the Strange Place is the eleventh objective of Chapter 2: Memories of the Desert Kingdom, Alabasta in One Piece Odyssey. Now that the Straw Hats have retrieved more cubes from defeating Crocodile, they now head back into the Strange Place and get Lim’s help to regain their powers back.

Read ahead as we go through the events in Return to the Strange Place, sharing some tips and details for the objective.

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Talk to Lim

The Straw Hats go on board the Going Merry once more as they did in their past adventure. While on the ship, you can talk to the rest of the crew and hear their thoughts about the adventure. Once you’re set, go talk to Lim and she will start the preparations of sending everyone back to the Strange Place.

While inside the Strange Place, you can further talk to the rest of the crew or check with the logs before talking to Lim once again. Doing so will transport you back into the real world.

Everyone who went into the Memoria will regain more of their lost skills and powers back. They’ll also gain another column of accessory slots, increasing the size from a 4×4 to a 4×5 grid. Another cutscene showing the recap of events will play and then Chapter 2 concludes.

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