Scorn Ending and Story Explained

The ending of Scorn is left up to interpretation. Here is ours. Beware of spoilers, of course.

You may be confused as to what the Scorn ending means. The unconventional thing about playing a narrative without a single line of dialogue is that the plot is often left up to interpretation. With such a mysterious narrative, the overall story of Scorn can be confusing to grasp but this article will help clear things up for you.

What Does the Scorn Ending Mean?

The real meaning of the ending behind Scorn is largely up to interpretation. The Scorn ending is quite tragic as our mute protagonist is killed by the mutated form of the previous protagonist before they’re able to get to presumable safety. It makes one wonder what the entire journey was for when you’re robbed of your ultimate goal just steps away from it.

Because of how much is left up to the interpretation of the player, it’s really difficult to say what the Scorn ending means. On surface, Scorn can easily be seen as the end of an alien civilization. The desperate imagery of the temple explored during the game places a lot of emphasis on giving birth. In the hostile world of Scorn, this could be seen as a desperate attempt of an alien race to keep itself from extinction.

On a symbolic level, the ending of Scorn replicates a tragic end to a complicated pregnancy. With a lot of the game’s imagery centering around childbirth this isn’t too far of an interpretation especially considering what happens at the end.

Scorn Ending

In order to separate the parasite from their bodies, our protagonist goes through a surgery which unfortunately damages their bodies which they have to attach themselves to another machine to get surgery to put their bodies back together. But instead of any sort of healing, the machine instead further breaks their body and attaches their mind into a hive network which allows players control of two humanoids which look vastly pregnant.

This is where Scorn lets us take control of two bodies to solve puzzles. The main puzzle being opening the door to exit the throne room the surgery. One of the two humanoids have to pick up the protagonist’s body by pushing aside the doctor. Weirdly enough, they also take one of the blades that continues to cut the protagonist. As we’re able to push ourselves outside the throne room, the humanoid carrying the protagonist starts to slow down before fully halting. And tragically the invasive parasite overtakes the protagonist one final time.

This all seems to imply that the mother is losing her child in process of an operation. The slow grinding halt of the mother figure carrying our protagonist to safety has the morbid implication that the mother dies during the surgery just before she’s able to give birth. And with her death, the protagonist, who represents the child, also dies with her.

Scorn Ending Hive Mind

The plot of Scorn is rather grotesque and eldritch in nature so many interpretations can be applied to the game’s ending as was intended by Ebb Software. Is it a symbolic reference to childbirth, the morbid end of an alien civilization, or a fever dream by a dying man? You decide.

What Is the Plot of Scorn?

The plot of Scorn seems to be about survival. Many of the game’s imagery clearly represent a cycle between life and death with our protagonist desperately struggling to stay alive. The player is tasked to guide the unnamed protagonist through painful alien machinery in order to progress through the desolate hellscape.

There isn’t a single line of dialogue in Scorn making the plot rather challenging to make out. We know that this desolate hellscape has alien contraptions that are made out of part machine, part flesh. And almost no contraption can be operated without causing pain of some sort.

Our protagonist, or both of our protagonists rather, are desperate to escape this hellscape and find some kind of salvation. Through their eyes, we’re able to explore the grotesque remains of what seemed to be once a functioning civilization that on the brink of destruction thanks to its species dying out.

Scorn Story Life and Death

That’s our Scorn ending and story explained. We hope this article was informative. Of course this is just our interpretation of the game’s ending. For more on Scorn, you’re already in the right place.

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