Sea of Thieves Pirate Emporium – December 2021

Sea of Thieves Pirate Emporium

The Pirate Emporium always has a little something new for those willing to spend. In the Sea of Thieves cosmetic items have always been the prized catch of every pirate. If you’re looking for the latest items in stock in the Sea of Thieves Pirate Emporium, you’ve come to the right place.

Sea of Thieves Pirate Emporium

The Pirate Emporium can be found on any outpost islands. They sell a variety of time exclusive cosmetic items not found elsewhere. Players can often come back and check if the Pirate Emporium has what they want in store.

Sea of Thieves Pirate Emporium December 2021

The new items on sale this December 2021 center around some pretty interesting cosmetic skins. If you have the Ancient Coins for them and you’re interested, then you should take advantage.

Royal Revenge Ship Set

Sea of Thieves Pirate Emporium

If you want to look like the most deadliest crew in the Sea of Thieves, the Royal Revenge Ship Set will send the message of fear to your enemies. Make everyone know who the toughest pirate is in these waters!

The Royal Revenge Ship Set is inspired by the design of Cobra Black Pearl belonging to Captain Barbossa.

Captain Barbossa Costume

Sea of Thieves Pirate Emporium

With the Pirate’s Life being one of the best additions to the Sea of Thieves, it’s no wonder players want to feel closer to the epic pirate told in the tale. This Captain Barbossa costume is a great way to let others know who’s in charge.

Season Five Blunder Pass

Sea of Thieves Pirate Emporium

Purchasing the Season Five Plunder Pass will give you a chance to earn even more cosmetic items that make you look fierce. The themes of this season pass seem to be from an icy otherworld befitting of the holiday season.

Royal Revenge Weapons

Sea of Thieves Pirate Emporium

Say Cheese! Emote Bundle

Sea of Thieves Pirate Emporium

Mutinous Mutt Pet

Sea of Thieves Pirate Emporium

Sea Dog Weapon Post Emote

Sea of Thieves Pirate Emporium

Frozen Horizon Equipment and Instruments

Free Emote – Festive Tree

Celebrate the holiday spirit with this free emote! Just head into the Pirate Emporium and redeem it at no cost whatsoever.

How Often Does the Pirate Emporium Change?

The Pirate Emporium will typically cycle to the new stock every new month. This means that you’ll have plenty of time to browse and decide whether you want something from the Emporium in the Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves will typically update its content every 2nd Wednesday of each month.

How Do I Access The Pirate Emporium?

When you’re at any outposts in the Sea of Thieves, you can find a Pirate Emporium by looking for a banner with three coins with a skull in the center. They’re usually pretty easy to find if you pay attention to the banners.

Outposts that the Pirate Emporium can be scattered throughout the islands. But you’ll always find an outpost when you first boot up the game on your starter island.

Alternatively, you can also access the Pirate Emporium via the Main Menu. There’s a tab where you’ll have the option to select it there.

How Do I Obtain Ancient Coins?

Sea of Thieves Pirate Emporium

You can purchase Ancient Coins via the Microsoft Store or the Pirate Emporium. Ancient coins are premium currency that allows to buy quite a bit of things.

You can also obtain Ancient Coins by defeating rare Ancient Skeletons through playing the game.

I Bought Something At The Pirate Emporium, How Do I Find It?

Any item you bought in the Pirate Emporium will function the same way as your cosmetics. You’ll find them in the appropriate cosmetic chests in your pirate ship.

When Will The Set I Want Become Available?

Any content that you want will be expanded on in the next Sea of Thieves Monthly Update. You won’t miss out on anything by waiting a little bit.

If you don’t like what you’re seeing right now, you can always wait until the 2nd Wednesday of the month for Rare to update Sea of Thieves with new cosmetic items.

Sea of Thieves Pirate Emporium Refund Process

There might be a time where you either accidentally bought something you didn’t like or just want your money back. Rare will allow you to refund your money given that you follow the procedure.

Pirate Emporium Refund Process

To get the kind of refund you want in Sea of Thieves, you have to follow the exact steps in the guidelines Rare provided.

Can I Get a Refund on Purchases Made With Real-World Money?

Sea of Thieves follow the Microsoft Store Policy when it comes to getting refunds. Your request for a refund of your real world money can be processed within 14 days of any transaction.

You should also know that any Ancient Coins you spent can’t be refunded into real world money.

Can I Get a Refund on Purchases Made With Ancient Coins?

As mentioned, once you purchase something in the Pirate Emporium with Ancient Coins you can no longer refund your items.

Can I Use Real World Currency to Make my Pirate Emporium Purchases?

In the September 2020 update, Sea of Thieves introduces an option for players to be able to pay for Pirate Emporium items with real world currency.

Once you select the item you want to buy, you’ll be shown that item’s value in your currency. Once you purchase this item, the transaction will be made via the apt sized Ancient Coins pack. Any coins remaining will be added to your in-game wallet.

This means that you won’t be able to purchase the item using the exact amount of real world money. Sea of Thieves will automatically select a pack of Ancient Coins that’s just the closest amount into buying the item you want.

Will There Be New Ships in Sea of Thieves?

Rare has confirmed that there are no concrete plans to add new ships to the Sea of Thieves just yet. Though they have taken it into consideration.

Will There Be a Man O’ War in Sea of Thieves?

A Man O’ War will be awesome to have in the Sea of Thieves, but the developers have yet to confirm its addition for any future updates. We’ll have to stayed tuned until then.