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It isn’t an unusual sight to see demon’s cannibalizing each other in Shin Megami Tensei V. Only the strongest prevail as you journey through the demonic infested apocalypse of Da’at. Thankfully you can join forces and form your own party of powerful demonic tagalongs.

Shin Megami Tensei V All Guides

Here’s a list of our complete guides to make it through your journey in Shin Megami Tensei V.

All Demon Skill Types Guide

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Each demon has their own skills and affinities. Depending on who your recruit to your party, you’ll have access to different abilities. Each demon including Nahobino have their own strengths to take advantage of and weaknesses to compensate.

All Skill Types

Each skill now uses MP unlike before where physical attacks cost you your HP. Only Magatsuhi skills do not use MP or cost anything.

  • Physical – these are attacks made without use of magic but they can come with their own effects such as a chance of poison.
  • Magic and Elemental – magic attacks are varied in this game. There are fire, force, ice, electricity, dark, light, and Almighty.
  • Passive – abilities that are always activated which give your party an edge in combat. They can enhance abilities such as your chance to dodge attacks. You can also purchase powerful passives such as Miracles in the World of Shadows.
  • Ailment – these are status effects you inflict on your enemies which handicap them from performing in the fight. They can prevent enemies from casting magic or gradually damage their health each turn.
  • Instant Death – with the use of Light and Dark magic, you can instantly kill foes by chance. Though these do not work on bosses so don’t even try.
  • Recovery – these skills are essential as they keep your party alive and in the fight. They restore health and MP to you and your demon allies.
  • Support – these are buffs you apply to your party to enhance abilities. Support skills can also debuff enemies.
  • Magatsuhi – powerful abilities that can only be used after filling your gauge. These do not use MP and do not take a turn from you.

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All Stats and Attributes

Both your Stats and Attributes effect how proficient you are in your Demon Skills.


There are five type of stats which affect different skills.

  • Strength – affects your normal and Phys skills.
  • Magic – affects your element magic.
  • Vitality – affects your maximum health and Phys skills.
  • Agility – affects your change to dodge, accuracy, and chance to run from battles.
  • Luck – affects status ailment probability and instant kill skills.


There are two types of attributes in Shin Megami Tensei V. They can be Offensive attributes and Defensive attributes.

Offensive Attributes:

  • Phys – refers to physical damage.
  • Fire – refers to magical element with fire properties.
  • Ice – refers to magical element with ice properties.
  • Force – refers to magical element with wind properties.
  • Elec – refers to magical element with electricity properties.
  • Ailment – refers to magic that deal status effects.
  • Recovery – refers to magic that recover the party’s HP.
  • Support – refers to magic that buffs allies or debuffs enemies.
  • Light – refers to light magic which may instant kill enemies.
  • Dark – refers to dark magic which may instant kill enemies.
  • Almighty – neutral magic which nobody is strong or weak against.

Defensive Attributes:

  • Strong – attacks won’t deal much damage.
  • Weak – attacks weak against.
  • Void – attacks that won’t deal any damage or have any effect.
  • Repel – attacks will repel back.
  • Drain – attacks will heal instead.

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Farm EXP and Level Fast Guide

There are four ways to farm EXP. If you’re looking to level fast in Shin Megami Tensei then there are certain methods that give you EXP at a faster rate.

  • Hunt Strong Enemies – stronger enemies give you better EXP than just common fodder. They’ll be more of a challenge but beating them is well worth the trouble.
  • Defeat Ara Mitama and Kushi Mitama – they’re not your average demons as upon defeat the Ara and Kushi Mitama will drop consumable items that give you EXP boosts. These demon types are rather rare though. If you have the Dance of EXP DLC then you can boost their spawn rate at the game’s menu.
  • Fuse Stronger Demons – have weaker demons at your party? Fuse them together to gain stronger demon allies.
  • Demon Statues – interacting with these will level up the demons in your party. These do not affect the protagonist however.

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World of Shadows Guide

The World of Shadows is a separate plane of existence that you’ll be frequenting. The realm’s owner, Sophia, will be offering her aid to you to make your stronger.

  • Fuse Demons – by combining weaker demons together, you can make stronger ones that will also inherit some of their abilities.
  • Purchase Miracles – these are powerful passive abilities that can only be purchased by a special currency called Glory.
  • Fuse Essence – allows you to customize your party deeper by allowing the protagonist and the demons in your party to inherit skills and affinities.

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All Game Difficulties Guide

Shin Megami Difficulty

Shin Megami Tensei has a variety of difficulties you can choose from to tailor the challenge just right for you.

  • Safety Mode – the easiest difficulty providing a large margin for error. Safety mode will make it easy for those to sit back and just enjoy the story.
  • Casual Mode – for those who are new to JRPGs. Casual mode offers an easier time with the story and with some challenge in combat.
  • Normal Mode – balances the combat in the game for players with good experience for JRPGs. The perfect mode to start in with no advantages or handicaps.
  • Hard Mode – for those who want to start out with the game dishing out everything its got. Hard Mode will push you to your limits and will not be reselectable once you’ve changed difficulties.

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Cadaver’s Hollow Guide

When you need to purchase consumables, then the game will introduce you to Cadaver’s Hollow where you’ll meet Gustave. You can buy healing and battle items from this store as well as get rewarded for any Mimans you find.

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