Soulstice PS5 Trophy Guide – How To Get Platinum

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The Soulstice PS5 version is looking like the type of game where performance matters – much like Devil May Cry and Bayonetta. We’re talking about getting a Diamond and Platinum rating for challenges. If that’s the kind of thing you’re into, then you’ve found your next game to play.

In this guide, we’ll go through all the trophies you need to earn to get platinum in Soulstice.

How to Platinum Soulstice PS5

To get Platinum in Soulstice, you’ll need to earn every other trophy in the game. It should be noted that many of the trophies are tied to combat and performance scores. The rest are connected to story progression – beware of spoilers. Thankfully, it would appear none of the trophies require online connectivity in shape or form.

Soulstice PS5 Trophy Guide

Here are all the trophies in Soulstice PS5 version:


Trophy Image



Trophy Rarity

The Solstice of Souls

Collect all Trophies


Trophy Image



Trophy Rarity

We can choose to fight

Complete the game

A legend among Chimeras

Complete the game on Transcended difficulty

I've been waiting for this!

Complete all Challenges obtaining Diamond

They wanted yet another monster...

Complete game on Chimera difficulty, obtaining Platinum or above


Trophy Image



Trophy Rarity

No damsels in distress

Complete the game on Knight difficulty

The immortal is bound to reborn

Complete the game on Chiemera difficulty

It's only pain

Upgrade Health to max level

I know how to handle it

Upgrade Entrophy to max level

Settle this once and for all

Complete all Challenges

The Ashen Knight

Purchase all of Briar's skills

The Shade

Purchase all of Lute's skills

I'm just warming up

Complete game on Initiate difficulty, obtaining Platinum or above

We learned it the hard way

Complete game on Knight difficulty, obtaining Platinum or above

Something... unnatural

Defeat the Harbringer on Transcended difficulty, obtaining Diamond


Trophy Image



Trophy Rarity

May the Torchbearer light our way

Complete Chapter 1

A powerful aura was here

Witness the first Echo

Rumors are true

Meet Donovan, the Shadeless

We'll be careful

Master the Rapture state

Back to your senses

Recover from the Berserk state

They tricked me

Unveil the Weavers' deception

We need to talk

Confront Donovan

I feel drawn to it

Absorb the first crystal

Here to stay

Encounter Hannah

Counting on you

Absorb the second crystal

This is the end

Reveal the last Memory

The touch of Chaos

Discover the first Challenge

They won't last long

Defeat 500 Corrupted

Through the Veil

Defeat 500 Wraiths

Call this the Judge's mercy

Defeat 500 Possessed

Pride is a sin, young Knight

Defeat more enemies than Donovan in Chapter 4

There's too many of them!

Have Lute destroy every clone of Arrowhead on her own

Their fate is sealed

Prevent the Weavers from reviving each other

Not even from this world

Find the stranger from another world

Your wounds... They are healing so fast!

Recover more than half of your health in a fight, without using consumable items

Bring it on!

Complete one Chapter on any difficulty, obtaining Diamond

You want more? I've got more!

Complete one Chapter on Knight or higher difficulty, without being hit once

We strike as one

Perform one Synergy attack with each weapon in the same Chapter

Chaos be damned!

Perform all four Rapture finishing moves

I took a risk

End a fight with a Rapture finishing move

Let's raise the stakes!!

Obtain at least 3000 points from bonuses in a fight

There are a total of 41 trophies to obtain as well as 1350 points. Players who love to get better scores are going to love this game. Other players might be content with seeing the story through to the end.

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