Soulstice First Echo Memory Guide

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Echo Memories are sub chapters that give some backstory for both Briar and Lute. For the first memory, Briar falls unconscious after using a bit of her corruption powers to escape the clutches of a dying Arrowhead. As a Shade bonded to her sister, Lute finds herself in an endless sea of almost emptiness.

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Soulstice First Echo Memory Walkthrough

This chapter starts off with Lute finding herself falling in a void and slowly getting weak every passing moment. The objective in this chapter is to locate the echo memories that are somewhere within the void which actually is Briar’s consciousness.

To locate these echoes, simply follow Lute’s dialogue to find out whether you near or far to an echo’s location. You can also look at the ground where a pulsing cone will point towards the direction of where the echo is. You will need to put up the Evocation Field once Lute feels that she is close to an echo to make the echo crystal appear. Once you find the echo crystal, you will need to mash the interact button to recombine the shattered crystal and reveal the memory.

There are three echo memories to be found in this chapter, all of which are memories leading to the tragic event that happened in the sisters’ lives. Once all memories have been found, Lute will then see Briar’s soul chained up and is trying to contain her corruption. The memory chapter ends after the cutscene that follows.

Briar’s soul

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