Soulstice Guide – How to Increase Briar’s Health

Soulstice is a game that is unlike your standard Action RPG. Instead of growing in a linear fashion, you can collect experience through red and blue crystals that can be exchanged for upgrades and items collectively, no matter the chapter. But if there’s one thing the game has in common with other ARPGs, you have to collect chunks of green stones to increase Briar’s health.

Since health doesn’t regenerate between fights, your only choice is to pick up glowing green shards off the ground or keep killing foes until they drop green shards of their own. You also have the option to use any emerald tear shards or crystals you have in your possession but that will affect your overall score. But sometimes doing all that is not enough. You’ll need the husk of a Possessed to increase your health.

To upgrade your health in Soulstice, you’ll need to acquire Sturdy Hunk Chunks. You can get them right away at the end of challenges. But you are more likely to get Malformed Husk Fragments.

Malformed Husk Fragment

Malformed Husk FragmentA small piece of the husk of the Possessed. In large amounts, it can increase an Ashen Knight’s maximum health.

Collect three of them to obtain a Sturdy Husk Chunk.

Malformed husk fragments are more common and are easier to find. You can generally find them while exploring the map and finishing challenges for the first time. You can only collect them once and they will not appear again even if you replay the chapter.

Sturdy Husk Chunk

Sturdy Husk ChunkA sizable piece of the husk of a downed Possessed. It increases an Ashen Knight’s maximum health.

So where else besides challenges can you get Sturdy Husk Chunks? Well, you can get them from the shop. You can access the shop by talking to Layton or at the chapter select screen.

Each Chunk costs 15,000 red crystals in the beginning. But the more you purchase, the more expensive they become. The maximum you can have in the game is eleven. But you are only limited to six on your first playthrough. The rest of them are unlocked unlocking New Game Plus.

And that’s all you need to know about increasing Briar’s health in Soulstice. The same thing applies to Lute and her skill tree but you use an item called Cobalt Tear Crystal instead.

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