Soulstice Chapter 4: The Shadeless Guide

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The Shadeless is the fourth chapter in Soulstice where Briar and Lute press forward in their journey to the city of Ilden. Along the way, they meet the rumored knight, The Shadeless as he is known. If he is an ally or a foe is something that the duo will find out.

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In this guide, we will be going through Chapter 4: The Shadeless, showing any tips, tricks, or collectibles that can be found within the chapter.

Soulstice Chapter 4: The Shadeless Walkthrough

Chapter 4 starts off as the duo arrives in the Ramparts. There are 7 encounters in this chapter, 1 Challenge of the Void, and 2 Upgrades.

Lower Level, Ramparts

Follow the path through the rooms and destroy the Crimson Tear Crystals along the walls. You will then see a Branching Crystal Overgrowth that cannot be destroyed unless its smaller sprouts are destroyed.

After destroying the crystal, you will be ambushed by your first encounter. Clear the enemies out and proceed to the next room where there will be another overgrowth that cannot be destroyed yet. Climb the stairs and cross the gap to reach another set of stairs that lead to Cobalt Veins and a Feeble Ethereal Filament up top.

Head back to the passageway you just passed and you’ll see another Crimson Tear Crystal. Then, proceed towards the next section.

Outer Bastion, Ramparts

You’ll then arrive at the lift room, but before going up, raise the lift first and fall through the hole below it. You can then find a Crimson Tear Motherlode and three crystal sprouts connected to an overgrowth. Destroy these sprouts and head back up to the lift room.

Back on the same lift, pull the lever on the side to call it back down, ride it, and then pull the lever to raise it back up. Look to the right and you will see another lift with a green orb on it. Grab it to get an Emerald Tear Shard. Then, look downwards to the right to see another ledge with a passageway. Go through it to reach a room where you will have your second encounter. Clear it out and then unlock the Challenge of the Void: Synergic V.

Head back to the left lift that you took and destroy the crystal sprouts that are connected to the overgrowth blocking the lift. Once the overgrowth is broken, pull the lever again to raise the lift higher. Jump across to the right side while using the Evocation Field to reveal an outcropping. There is also a Cobalt Vein and Motherlode on the platform. Take the door to proceed to the next section.

Barracks, Ramparts

Upon arriving in the barracks, you will get a cutscene showing a new type of enemy called a Slasher, which is a Broken possessed by a Griever. These Slashers can only be inflicted damage only if they are within a Banishment Field. Eliminate these enemies to complete your third encounter, and then exit the room to the next section.

Inner Bastion, Ramparts

You will find yourself in another lift room. Just like before, raise the lift on the right side and then jump into the hole underneath it. There will be another Motherlode that will spawn the fourth encounter when broken. Afterwards, head to the room on the right and turn right at the corridor to see a yellow orb which is a Forebearance Serum.

On the next room at the end of the corridor, there is another Cobalt Motherlode. There is also some scaffolding at the back which you can use to climb back up. Then, destroy the two crystal sprouts to get access to the lift room once more.

There are Cobalt Veins on the far side of the room and some outcroppings on the left. Use them to climb up and go to the room where a crystal sprout can be destroyed. Layton is also in the same room, so use the time to get your upgrades. Once you’re done, destroy the crystal overgrowth at the back to access another room.

In this room is another crystal sprout and it will spawn the fifth encounter once destroyed. After clearing the enemies, locate the other two sprouts to destroy an overgrowth that hides a Malformed Husk Fragment.

Head back to the lift room and then ride the left lift this time. Destroy the two sprouts connected to the overgrowth blocking you lift, and then raise the lift once again. Destroy the remaining crystal sprouts on the other side of the room to remove the overgrowth blocking the path to the next section.

Ascending Passage, Ramparts

You will be at a side passageway where you will be ambushed by the sixth encounter. Clear the enemies and then go to the room with a staircase. Below the staircase is a Cobalt Motherlode, while above it is a Cobalt Vein. Head to the passageway to arrive at the next section.

Wall Walk, Ramparts

Once you arrive at the Wall Walk, you will see Donovan, The Shadeless, fighting off monsters on his own. You decide to join him eliminate all the enemies. Once it’s done, there will be another short cutscene, then you can head forward to complete the chapter.

Soulstice Chapter 4 Achievements

  • Rumors are true: Meet Donovan, The Shadeless
  • Pride is a sin, young Knight: Defeat more enemies than Donovan in Chapter 4

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