Star Ocean The Divine Force: Luggage Larceny Side Quest Guide

Finding the belongings for the old lady

Star Ocean Luggage Larson feature

Luggage Larceny is a side quest in Star Ocean: The Divine Force that can be found in Larcasse Region. This guide will teach players how to complete this quest and what rewards await them for completing it.

How to Start the Luggage Larceny Side Quest

How to Start the Luggage Larceny Side Quest

To unlock this quest, players must first find Elena’s escape pod from the main quest. Afterward, head to the Larcasse Region and there is an old woman who is in need of help. Accept her request and the side quest will begin.

How to Complete the Luggage Larceny Side Quest

How to Complete the Luggage Larceny Side Quest

The side quest revolves on finding the old lady’s belongings. Players must travel to the Mhedume Ruins via Fast Travel using the D.U.M.A and look for the luggage. Do note that all 3 pieces of luggage have been stolen by the Thieving Scumbags, which means that players must attack them and see if they drop it upon defeat. Once all of the luggage has been found, return to the old lady and the quest will be completed.

Luggage Larceny Side Quest Rewards

Upon completion, players will receive the following rewards and will be useful in their future endeavors in Star Ocean the Divine Force:

  • Secret Preparation Recipe X1
  • 1440 Fol

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