Steelrising Guide: How to beat The Unstable Lancer

Steelrising Guide on How to Defeat The Unstable Lancer is here

Steelrising Guide: How to Defeat The Unstable Lancer

Mini-bosses are one of the most common types of enemies found in games like Demon Souls and Bloodbourne. These types of enemies usually bring out unexpected rewards that prove useful against main bosses, especially in Steelrising. One of the mini-bosses found in the game is the Unstable Lancer and we have the perfect guide to takedown this formidable opponent.

Who is The Unstable Lancer in Steelrising?

The Unstable Lancer is the 1st mini-bosses found in Steelrising. He can be found in the game’s very first area called The Gardens. As its name describes itself, this mechanical monstrosity wields a long lancer and can perform spear attacks that are capable of dishing out massive damage from an impressive range.

The Unstable Lancer attacks are easily avoidable and can be parried easily with shields and such. It usually starts the first strike with a thrust attack and then follows with a jumping charge attack which can be dodged easily. Afterward, it will start doing a sweep attack when it notices it’s nearing death

How to defeat The Unstable Lancer in Steelrising

To defeat the Unstable Lancer, players can defeat it easily depending on which class players have chosen at the start of the game. For those who have chosen the Dancer or Bodyguard class, weapons that use a shield must be used against it as it can perform parry moves to counter any thrust attacks made by the mini-boss. For those who picked the Soldier class, heavy weapons such as the halberd or the mace as it deals effective damage on it.

Steelrising Guide: How to Defeat The Unstable Lancer

Lastly, for those who used the Alchemist class, my personal favorite, use batons such as the Hephaestus Batons to inflict frost on the Unstable Lancer, freezing it. This will allow players to deal massive damage using charged heavy attacks.

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