Steelrising: How to Defeat the Bishop of Cite

Steelrising guide to defeat the Bishop of Cite is here

Steelrising Guide: How to Defeat the Bishop of Cite

Games like Dark Souls and Demon Souls have some of the hardest boss battles to face. Sometimes, there are times that players would rage quit, and even throw a tantrum, especially in live streams. One of the games that will challenge the wits of players is Steelrising and we, of Sirus Gaming, have created a guide to help players defeat one of the bosses found in the game, The Bishop of Cite.

Who is The Bishop of Cite in Steelrising?

The Bishop of Cite is a Titan that is more unstable than the usual Unstable Automats. This mechanical monstrosity uses a large staff to sweep opponents and slam them to the ground. It also carries a huge Bible and this weapon is whooper literally.

This huge Bible is wrapped around a chain and is unblockable and deals massive damage if players are distancing themselves far from the bishop. Another noticeable feature about the bishop is that it has a Spinning Blade coming out from its bottom.

How to Defeat the Bishop of Cite – Recommended Strategy

Dodging the Bishop of Cite’s attacks will be very important as well as using hard-hitting weapons such as Halberd type or Hammer type weapons.

Avoid using lightweight weapons in this battle or else, things will get slower in progression. When the Bishop of Cite’s health is low, he will leave a trail of fire and go wild. Stock up on health and stamina items for if it hits you with its blazing attack, a huge amount of damage will be applied.

Steelrising Guide: How to Defeat the Bishop of Cite

Another easy tactic to defeat The Bishop of Cite boss is by using weapons that either has counter abilities or has a freeze trait.

Personally, I prefer using freeze trait weapons like a Shield Musket that freezes any enemy and gives a chance to smash them using a fully charged heavy attack. Freezing the bishop as well gives a chance to recover and avoid easily the bible attack.

Steelrising Guide: How to Defeat the Bishop of Cite

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