Steelrising: How to Unlock All Outfits

Steelrising Guide is here for unlocking all the outfits

Steelrising Guide: How to Unlock All Outfits

Fashion is an essential culture in France and nothing can go beyond it as the newest French-themed game, Steelrising is out now, and fans doing non-stop to create their own custom character. With so many options found in the game, there are also unlockable outfits that can be found in different locations of the game. Here in this guide, we will show players where to get all the outfits found in Steelrising.

Locations of the Outfits

There are a total of 21 hidden outfits found in different locations and 8 purchasable outfits which can be found in the Boutique shop. Collecting all these outfits will not only give players a fashionable line of clothing in the game but also unlock the achievement of the Fashion Victim trophy. The locations of each unlockable outfit are:

Steelrising Guide: How to Unlock All Outfits

Saint Cloud

  • Polignac Cap – head to the location where the initial Vestal was in the district. From that, head down the stairs until you reach a place where there are two enemies guarding them. Defeat them and search for a chest and players will be able to unlock it.
  • Muscadin Bicorn and Muscadian Coat -Successfully defeating the 1st main boss of the game is a must to unlock this outfit. Afterward, use the log to get to the other side of the area and cross the bridge. You’ll see this chest by a gate near a Prototype enemy guarding it.
Steelrising Guide: How to Unlock All Outfits

Les Invalides

  • Muscadin Culottes & Muscadin Shoes and Gaiters – At the location where the area was lit on fire in Gross Caillou, go to the elevated platform where you see an enemy from a distance. Using the platform, head upwards and get inside a cart. Upon heading upwards, you will reach a building where a chest is located inside.
  • Diane Capeline & Diane Redingote – from the hanging platform in The Factories area, take a right turn until you reach the second building. Enter the building through the balcony and a chest can be found inside.
  • Diane Breeches & Diane Shoes and Gaiters – By going straight to Esplanade Des Invalides, head to the last building. On the lower floor of that building, there is a chest.
  • Quadrille Culottes & Quadrille Shoes and Gaiters – After visiting the Les Invalides region for the second time, go over the wall at the balcony and continue heading straight till you reach a Golden Gate. Breach it and get inside the building to loot a chest found inside.

La Cite

  • Citizen’s Top Hat and Carmagnole – In the Place Dauphine, where players defeated the Unstable Butcher, there is a chest located there.
  • Citizen’s Trousers and Clogs – Repair the lever next to the vestal to unlock this outfit
  • La Rouiere Carmagnole and Culottes – During the Sleepless sidequest, there is a chest that can be found.
  • Formal Bicorn and Doublet – During the Glory and Dishonour sidequest, head to the secret headquarters where you’ll find the chest.
Steelrising Guide: How to Unlock All Outfits

The Tuileries

  • Grand Veneur Coat & Grand Veneur Tricorn – Upon receiving the 4th vestal, get through the Golden gate on the right side. Head straight in that direction and the chest can be found directly ahead.
  • Grand Veneur Culottes & Grand Veneur Shoes & Gaiters – after the Unstable Statuary boss battle near the vestal, a chest can be found.
  • Secret du Roi Culottes & Secret du Roi Shoes And Gaiters – During Necker’s quest, use the shortcut to the gate from the horseless carriages and destroy it. It will lead to the palace where you can find the safe and retrieve its contents.
Steelrising Guide: How to Unlock All Outfits


  • Théâtre-Français Turban & Théâtre-Français Doublet – Continuing on the main path from where the district starts, there is an area with a building in the shape of a temple. In that area, there is a chest that can be located.
  • Secret du Roi Hood and Coat – After fighting the Alchemist of Luxembourg, search around the office of Dr. Lemmonier’s Office and a pedestal can be found to find the vestal.
  • Théâtre-Français Tights, Shoes, and Buskins – A chest containing this outfit can be found at the Cordeliers Convent
Steelrising Guide: How to Unlock All Outfits

Les Invalides

  • Quadrille Culottes, Shoes and Gaiters – During the Origins side quest, a chest is found inside the house of Eugene de Vaucanson.
  • Quadrille Tricorn and Dress – After destroying the Treasurer of Les Invalides, a chest can be found nearby.
Steelrising Guide: How to Unlock All Outfits


  • Smuggler’s Hat and Mandrin’s Doublet – located in Marat’s place where there are bunk beds, there is a chest that can be found.
  • Mandrin Culottes, Caligae, and Buskins – after getting the elevator repaired at Marat’s place, search for the area full of enemies, and a chest is located nearby
  • Formal Culottes, Shoes, and Gaiters –  within the Le Cite building while completing the A Family Affair side quest, the last outfit can be found.

Boutique Outfits

The 8 purchasable outfits which can be found in this shop and be bought from are the following

  1. Rochambeau Coat
  2. Rochambeau Culottes
  3. Rochambeau Shoes and Gaiters
  4. Rochambeau Tricorn
  5. Polignac Boot and Gaiters
  6. Poling Culottes
  7. Polignac Frock
  8. Polignac Riding Hood

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