Tinykin Celerion Park Walkthrough – All Pollen Cluster, Artifact, and Letter Locations

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Celerion Park is the capital of entertainment. Holidaymakers, tourists, and lovers of all things racing join to share a moment of speed-freak joy. Unfortunately, poor management has led many of the attractions to break down. Wolter, the park’s owner needs to get these fixes… three guesses who is going to fix everything within the park?

In this guide, we’ll tell you all the spots you could have missed with regard to the game’s most collectibles, namely golden pollen, artifacts, and letters. We’ll tell places you can look and some other secrets you might be looking for.

  • Race track road tile: Inside the cabinet with all the pink glowing wands. Will need the help of 15 pink tinykin to carry the track as well as a minimum of 30 or so yellow tinykin to form bridges.
  • The majority of the audience is stuck on a train. Reconnect the circuit to get the train back to the station and the audience can get ready for the race.
  • The trophy is part of a “Mythic Quest” where you transport a really heavy sword to slay a T-Rex at the back of a fortress. Bring the trophy to the podium at the heart of the race track.
  • The destroyed race car. You’ll need the help of 8 pink tinykin to bring to the mechanic for repairs. You’ll need to clear obstacles in their way and once it is fixed, is to be brought to the starting line.

Tinykin All Celerion Park Collectibles

Pollen Clusters

Reactivate the Ferris Wheel

There is a pollen cluster that will appear once you get the Ferris Wheel running again. To get it running, you need to chain blue tinykin from the socket behind the zoo exhibit and run it through the labyrinth until the circuit is complete.

Uncovering all the candles

The candles on the wall need to be uncovered for this pollen cluster to show up. They are located need or around the half of the room that’s near the starting area.

A good librarian

Setting all the books in the bookcase back in place will cause a pollen cluster to appear on the upper shelf beside the tambourine.

The Milo Show Obstacle course

Located in the secret room, this pollen cluster can be obtained after reaching the end of the obstacle course.

There is an entire secret room at the back of the casino. To access it, you’ll need to throw a pink tinykin on the Spade poster downstairs. The poster is located in the corner right of the entrance. A mantis will have suspicions about it. The secret room’s door is at the back of the second floor beside the bubble hoop toy.

Delivering all four letters

You’ll get a pollen cluster after delivering the fourth and final letter.

Hidden Pollen

Besides the fortress foundation

Left from the front of the castle, there is a spot where you climb using a rope. In an empty void under a platform, there’s a bunch of pollen.

Pollen outside the castle walls

At the end of the lego castle, where you killed the T-Rex and claimed the chalice, there is pollen along the outside edge of the walls.

Out-of-place books

This level also has loose books that hide pollen. There are a couple by the bookcase and setting them back in place gets you more pollen.

In one of the Ferris wheel’s cars

There is pollen in one of the Ferris wheel’s cars. Somewhat easy to miss since its constantly moving once fixed.

Above the damaged race car

In the same area where the broken race car is, there is a bunch of pollen in the upper part of the room.

Pollen around the racetrack

There are pieces of pollen scattered on the racetrack. Particularly on top of the loop the loops.

On the bed frame

There is a line of pollen sitting on the frame of the bunk bed.

Cash Register FTW

In the casino, there’s a toy cash register. If you throw a pink tinykin at the cash button, it’ll open up the register and reveal several pieces of pollen.

Heavy Reading

There is a bunch of pollen amongst the stack of books underneath the bed. Just turn right the moment you enter the place from the open book entrance past the zoo.

Celerion Park Letters

Tinykin Celerion Park Walkthrough - Glowing jar letter

Glowing jar letter

The first letter can be found under the lego castle where you needed to the crane to drop a road tile that serves as a draw bridge. You can find it beside the jar of glowing goo.

Dust covered Letter

The second letter can be found in the dust-ball-filled corner of the room where the cabinet and double bunk bed meet. Just take the slide and look past the dust balls once you’re at the bottom.

Glowing wands Letter

The third letter can be found on the highest shelf inside the cabinet with all the glowing wands. The same place where the road tile quest item can be found.

Bookcase Letter

An easily found letter is located on top of the bookcase right of the level’s entrance. It’s somewhere in the back past the two soldier bugs.

Celerion Park Artifacts

Spinning Memory

Retrieve the five zoo animals hidden by Offrocker

  • The cat is in the shed/bunker near they are talking
  • The alligator is underneath the cabinet where the lego castle is located. Easily accessbile.
  • The pteradatyl is located on the shelf beside the bed enclosed within a space where a lamp is pointed at. Will need the help of 4 red tinykin break free.
  • The elephant is located on the bunk bed. Will need the help of 20 pink tinykin and 32 yellow tinykin to safely transport it back.
  • The snake can be found on the second floor of the casino on the other side of the stairs.

Miniature House

  • Istabal got an arbalest arrow stuck in the tower. Climb the tower and dislodge it from the inside to set it back onto the arbalest
  • Keepa shot a Catapult ball on the shelf above the bed. Accessible via rope.
  • Salvatore shot a cannonball all the way to the cabinet with the glowing wands on the other side of the room. You’ll need to climb up the side and you’ll find it in a little nook inside the structure of puzzle pieces. (Far end of the briefcase.)

His Home

Earned after giving the gem to Honsola. To start the challenge, you’ll need at least 6 bubble energy to float to the platform. The ant there will then task with destroying all the asteroids hanging from the ceiling. It’s going to take a lot of red tinykin so it’s probably best to leave it until you have more than enough.

900 pieces of pollen are needed to complete the final brew batch. No more bubble upgrades.

1200 pieces of pollen are needed for level completion. Collecting all the pollen unlocks the Frantic Forager Achievement.

And that’s it. Hope this helps. See you guys in our next guide.

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