Tinykin Lands of Ambrose Walkthrough Guide – All Pollen Cluster, Artifact, and Letter Locations

Bugs rise up and speak up! For cake!

The Lands of Ambrose, agricultural plains, the bounties of which feed the whole house. A divide between the workers and their overseers has boiled over originating from a disagreement about where the food should go. Someone has to step in and ease tensions before the house starves.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything regarding the game’s many collectibles, namely pollen clusters, artifacts, and letters. We’ll also tell you about some sneaky spots where more pollen can be found. Otherwise, the pollen themselves are easy to find on its own. As for everything else about the level, you can collect the items of interest in any order you wish. We’re just here to point you in the right direction.

Lands of Ambrose Overview

The special cake offering is being stalled due to a worker strike. The ingredients are there but no one is willing to pick them up and put them in the mixer. Seross, the dragonfly responsible for the ceremony, proposes we get all the ingredients needed. In exchange, she’s willing to give us the tea strainer that we need for the device.

The ingredients are as follows:

  • 10 cubes of sugar
  • A bag of flour
  • 3 large eggs
  • The baking powder that’s above the bowl. (Surprising how we managed to get it down.)
  • And finally, yogurt and butter from the fridge. This task you’ll probably want to do last considering how many pink and yellow tinykin you actually need to do them.

Once all the ingredients have been mixed. You’ll have your tinykin carry the mix to the oven to bake. And that will fulfill your end of the bargain.

Tinykin All Land of Ambrose Collectibles

Pollen Clusters

Tinykin Lands of Ambrose Walkthrough - Bazaar pollen cluster

Bazaar pollen cluster

This pollen cluster will appear once you uncover all the candles in the bazaar area under the kitchen table. There are around 6 or 7 candles of them. Once all of them are uncovered, the cluster will appear on top of the wine glass.

Pollen cluster-sicle

This frozen cluster can be found inside the freezer. You’ll need 5 red tinykin to open the freezer and a whooping 30 red tinykin to break it free from its icy prison.

Under the sink pollen cluster

This cluster can be found inside the sink after you drain the water in the basin. You’ll need the help of 30 pink tinykin to pull down the weight by the window that’s holding the plug in place.

Robin Hood Pollen Cluster

In the tax office’s lower room. Avoid the guard altogether and work your way down from the upper shelf.

Delivering all 4 letters

After you’ve delivered all the letters to the mailbox, a pollen cluster will appear. Keep reading to find out the locations of the letters below.

Hidden Pollen

The cupcake pollen

This group of pollen is baked into a cupcake. To liberate them, you’ll need the help of 4 red tinykin. The bakeshop can be found left of the door that leads to the kitchen.

The refrigerator crisper

On the lower shelf of the refrigerator, there is a cheese grater that can be pushed open with the help of enough pink tinykin. Once open, it’ll reveal a good amount of pollen.

Under the microwave

There is pollen directly under the microwave. Go around it and look under the stand.

Lands of Ambrose Letters

The flour letter

The 1st letter you can find is most likely at the end of the top shelf where Flour is kept for the cake mixture.

Above the stove

This letter is located on the shelf that’s directly above the stove. You’ll need to jump on pans to reach it.

Above the microwave

This letter can be found on the shelf above the microwave where you will find it on the top of a cereal box.

Refrigerated letter

the 4th and last letter can be found on the top shelf of the refrigerator. Besides the heads of cabbage.

Lands of Ambrose Artifacts

Sibylline Sketch

Earned helping Micheline out by transporting an ear of corn to the microwave with the help of x pink tinykin and dozens (closer to 50-60) of yellow tinykin and giving the popcorn to Micheline.

Funeral Petals

Earned after helping Aktiviss put up 5 revolution posters around the kitchen. Many of these poster stands can be found around areas where other bugs are hanging out.

Restrained Chaos

Earned after surviving and retrieving the gem at the end of the pipes obstacle course. To reach the pipes, you’ll have at least 5 bubble energy to float to the entrance from the far cabinet.

A couple more things to note:

800 pieces of pollen are needed to unlock the next bubble upgrade. It’s a somewhat compressed level so there’s not much to speak of when it comes to hidden pollen.

1000 pieces of pollen are needed for level completion. Collecting all the pollen unlocks the Hungry Forager achievement.

And that’s it. Hope this helps. See you guys in our next guide.

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