Tinykin Transidor Crossing Walkthrough Guide – All Pollen Cluster Locations

Opening more doors before setting back to trail that leads home

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We have to where it all started – Transidor Crossing. The place hasn’t changed much since we last visited, but we are now required to explore the place for clues to open a door to the next level.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything regarding the level’s single collectible – pollen clusters. We’ll also tell you about some sneaky spots where more pollen can be found.

Tinykin Transidor Crossing Vault Codes

  • (9) Found in the cabinet directly facing the stairs on the second floor.
  • (8) Found at the lowest shelf of the cabinet right of the stairs. In the middle of binders
  • (1) Found in a prison cell that’s guarded by beetles inside the cabinet next to the vault. You’ll need the help of 6 red tinykin to destroy the wooden barricade.
  • (6) Found on the shelf overlooking the entrance to Celerion Park. You’ll need to climb a rope to reach it.

When put together, they form the vault’s combination – 1986. Additionally, the gears won’t be moveable until all code fragments are found.

Tinykin All Transidor Crossing Collectibles

Pollen Clusters

Tinykin Transidor Crossing Walkthrough - Plant in Cabinet

Plant in Cabinet Pollen Cluster

The first Pollen Cluster in the level can be found at the bottom of the cabinet after entering the place through the rope. The cluster is sitting on top of a carnivorous plant in the back of the cabinet.

Aid station cabinet cluster

This cluster can be found in the upper part of the cabinet where the bug aid station is. To comfortably reach the upper shelf you’ll need around 14 green tinykin.

Cuckoo Clock Pollen Cluster

This cleverly hidden pollen cluster is located inside the cuckoo’s nest of the grandfather clock. To access it, you’ll need to destroy the wooden barricade that’s holding the pendulum in place with the help of 8 red tinykin.

To get to it, you’ll have to scale up the grandfather clock.

Russian Doll??? Pollen Cluster

This unexpected pollen cluster is located inside a weird-looking Matryoshka doll at the top of the cabinet that houses the bug aid station. You’ll need the help of 15 red tinykin to break it out.

Fifth Pollen Cluster

This pollen cluster is located in the cabinet beside the vault. It can be found in the back after destroying a wooden barricade with the help of 12 red tinykin and pushing a box by throwing pink tinykin at it.

Precarious Pollen Cluster

Suspended under a stack of cassette tapes over the puddle of water.

Hanging Plants Pollen Cluster

At the bottom part of the hanging plants across from the grandfather clock.

Hallway Light Pollen Cluster

On the top of the lamp downstairs. You’ll need to float down from a high place but not so far as to run out of bubble power part way.

Hidden Pollen

Loose books

In the same cabinet where the (8) is found, there are a number of loose books. Throwing a pink tinykin will set it back into place and reward you with some pollen.

More loose books

Above the vault is a wide cabinet. Some of the books are loose and if you throw a pink tinykin in its direction, it’ll set into place and you’ll get pollen for your troubles.

Pollen around the vault

There are hidden around the vault that you can’t really see until you’ve changed your perspective. A few of them are on the blind edge of the shelf and others are in the railings covered by the award frame.

Pollen in the jails

There is a bunch of pollen in the jailer’s room. They are located at the tops of the cells.

500 pieces of pollen are needed to unlock the next bubble upgrade. This level is notable because it doesn’t have relics or letters to deliver.

660 pieces of pollen for level completion. Collecting all the pollen unlocks the Forager Passing Through achievement.

And that’s it. Hope this helps. See you guys in our next guide.

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