V Rising Clive the Firestarter Location & How to Beat

A guide on how to defeat Clive the Firestarter in V Rising.

V Rising Clive the Firestarter cover

V Rising Clive the Firestarter is one of the bosses that can be fought in the game. He specializes in explosives and chucks them at his opponents to blow them into smithereens. Because of his expertise in mixing concoctions, defeating him will grant the knowledge of creating beneficial and harmful reagents at the player’s disposal.

In this guide, we will talk about how to prepare and win the fight against Clive the Firestarter.

Clive the Firestarter Location

Clive the Firestarter can be found in the Bandit Sulphur Quarry at the west side of the Farbane Woods. The quarry has explosives littered everywhere, so be careful when standing next to one, or you might get blasted.

V rising Clive the Firestarter Location map
Bandit Sulphur Quarry.

How to beat Clive the Firestarter

To defeat Clive the Firestarter, first make sure to level up your total gear level to at least 30. You can equip these gear:

  • Plated Boneguard Chestguard
  • Plated Boneguard Gloves
  • Plated Boneguard Leggings
  • Plated Boneguard Boots
  • Gravedigger Ring

It’s recommended to use the Hunter’s Crossbow if you are good at aiming to keep the damage uptime since you’ll be avoiding his bombs’ explosion range most of the time. Going for a more aggressive melee approach is only recommended if you have other abilities that provide movement, for example the mace’s crushing blow or the slasher’s camouflage.

If you are fighting Clive for the first time, it’s recommended to use the following abilities:

  • Travel: Veil of Blood
  • Basic 1: Chaos Volley (learned from Lidia the Chaos Archer)
  • Basic 2: Blood Rage (learned from Lidia the Chaos Archer) or Crimson Aegis (learned from Grayson the Armourer)
Recommended first encounter skills (sans Ultimate).

Clive can limit the playing space just by bombarding it with his explosives, so it’s important to take note of the attack patterns and timings of the explosions.

Cluster Bomb: He will lob a bomb up in the air which explodes once it reaches the ground. It will then split into three more bombs, and then explode once more as it splits into six more bombs. This attack will cover a lot of ground, so it’s best to position yourself in an open space and avoid boxing yourself in a corner.

Big Bomb: He will roll away to another spot, leaving behind a big bomb that has a wider blast radius, but it also has a longer wick. At below 50% of his health, he can drop several big bombs at a time. Thanks to the longer wick, you’ll have more time to react, so as soon as you see him roll, you also have to move away from where he was standing at.

Cluster Bomb.

Rewards in Defeating Clive the Firestarter Boss in V Rising

Defeating Clive the Firestarter will unlock the following:

  • Basic Ability: Veil of Chaos
  • Alchemy Table
  • Assortment of enchanted braziers
  • Assortment of enchanted torches
  • Sulphur recipe
  • Minor Explosive Box recipe
Clive the Firestarter Tips
  • It’s highly recommended to fight Clive during nighttime as you don’t want to limit your play area too much by avoiding both the explosives and sunlight.
  • Try to clear the explosive crates right away. They explode quite quickly and deal a lot of damage so they pose as an environmental threat. Sadly, they seem to not work against Clive.
  • To make things easier, try to eliminate the other bandits in the area. Clive patrols around a huge rock formation, so it is easy to keep out of his sight as you deal with the other bandits.
Don’t forget to suck Clive’s blood.

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