V Rising Server Settings – How to Set Up a V Rising Server

V Rising Server Settings - How to Set Up a V Rising Server

The V Rising Server Settings provide you complete control over the game’s parameters. This new vampire survival game has a wide range of options, so knowing what they are could be beneficial in the long run.

A third-party firm named GPORTAL provides official servers for Stunlock Games, and you can also rent private servers from them as well. V Rising servers normally have a capacity of roughly 40 people, however there are private servers that can accommodate even more people. Clan sizes on these servers are normally limited to a maximum of four, but this can be changed on private servers if desired.

Here’s a rundown on what you need to know about V Rising Server Settings and How to set up a V Rising Server.

How to Set Up V Rising Private Servers

You can create a V Rising server by downloading and launching the V Rising Dedicated Server in the Steam tools. Alternatively, you can set up a separate PC to operate the server on your own desktop.

Furthermore, a “private game” is available in-game that can be run on any player-controlled dedicated server. You can set up a temporary server in this, either for yourself or for a group of friends you can invite, to play around in. If you close the game, everyone else’s session will end as well.

How to Host a Dedicated Server in V Rising

How to Host a Dedicated Server in V Rising

It is possible to download the V Rising Dedicated Server program via Steam or from a GitHub page when you click on the option to Host Dedicated Server in the game itself.

Additionally, you can rent a server from an affiliate third-party service like Survival Servers to run your own server.

How to Access V Rising Server Settings

How to Access V Rising Server Settings

There are a lot of options for customizing the private V Rising server. In addition to the pre-set options, you can also tailor each of these components to suit your own play style.

1. When hosting your own Dedicated Server, you can customize the rules in the ServerGameSettings.json File.

This file can be found in the VRisingServer_Data\StreamingAssets\Settings folder.

2. If you have chosen to host a Private Game through the in-game menu, you may access the majority of these settings and make adjustments to them by clicking the Advanced Game Settings box that is located in the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

If you are utilizing a third-party service to host your server, the service might make a graphical user interface (GUI) available to you that enables you to adjust these settings.

V Rising Single Player Server Settings Recommendation

V Rising Single Player Server Settings Recommendation

If you want to improve the Solo player experience, try these server settings:

  1. Set the server to PVE hard in the game settings.
  2. Next, go to Advanced Settings and increase the Resource Power Multiplier value to at least 3.
  3. Max out the Sun Strength Multiplier (5), The Day-Night Cycle should be set to 3600 seconds, and the Day Time Duration should be set to Medium.
  4. It is possible to disable Castle decay by adjusting the Decay Rate value to 0.
  5. Uncheck Blood-bound items.
  6. Uncheck Teleport bound items.
  7. Improve development by making everything more difficult and expensive to manufacture. 0.1, 0.25, 1, or 2 are all suggested Crafting & Building values.
  8. A password should be set up. The SoloPlay option may not work as expected.

Increasing your Resource Power Multiplier above 3 may necessitate increasing your Build Cost. In the event that you want to keep meaningful Crafting and Building while leaving the server on the Standard PVE setting; Everything except Inventory Stack Multiplier should be set to 0.75 or lower in the Items section.

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